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Justin Timberlake & Others Inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Photos: Amanda Hill
Justin Timberlake at Memphis Music Hall of Fame with Jimmy Fallon

Photo: Amanda Hill

Yesterday in Memphis was definitely one to remember. The Memphis Tigers beat Ole Miss 37-24 and Memphis music was honored in a Memphis Music Hall of Fame ceremony that had a packed house. The inductees included Justin Timberlake (introduced by Jimmy Fallon), Scotty Moore (introduced by Keith Richards), Alberta Hunter, Al Jackson Jr, Charlie Rich, and Sam & Dave.

To see Justin’s nearly half-hour acceptance speech check out the video below:

“We don’t apologize for who we are. We grit here. We grind here. Memphis is soul. Memphis is the greatest city in the world. When people ask me, I couldn’t be more proud to say that I come from Memphis.

I want to thank all the great artists in this hall. I am truly honored to merely stand on the shoulders of all these legends that I grew up listening to, that I grew up admiring, and to say that I stand alongside them now.”

-Justin Timberlake

Also, in case you want to watch this part again, here’s Justin and Jimmy leading the crowd in “Go Tigers Go!”

Keith Richards at Memphis Music Hall of Fame 2015

Keith Richards honoring Scotty Moore, Photo: Amanda Hill


Amy Lavere at Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Amy Lavere, Photo: Amanda Hill

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