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JobLINC Workforce Development Fair

JobLINC Workforce Development Fair


You and your Workforce Development Agency are invited to attend the JobLINC Workforce Development Fair hosted by the Memphis Public Library and Information Center’s JobLINC Development. Beginning at 10am on March 20th, and going until 3pm, the fair will prepare those seeking jobs by introducing them to job readiness experts of the Memphis area.

The fair will be held at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library. All Workforce Development or Training agencies are welcome to attend.

Submit your registration form via email to You are asked to provide your agency info as it would appear on any fair publication like so:

Workforce Development/Training Agency Name:

Program Name(s):

Address:                                          City, State, Zip:

Telephone Number:                      Fax Number:

Name and Position of primary contact:

Contact Information (Telephone, Email):

Name and Position of Alternative Contact:

Contact Information (Telephone, Email):

Service/Training Provided:

Population Served:

You must register beforehand by March 2nd!

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