Bilingual Community Manager

Community Manager Job Description

The Community Manager reports directly to the Portfolio Manager. The Community Manager is responsible for the entire on-site operation of the complex. The Bilingual Community Manager must be fluent in English and Spanish. It is essential that the Community Manager report to work at his or her regularly scheduled work hours. The Community Manager must be able to “walk” the property on a regular and as-needed basis in order to perform his or her job duties. The Community Manager must have the physical capability to walk all around the property, including stairs. The duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:

Specific Responsibilities

1. Observe the condition of the apartment complex including buildings, grounds, tenant units, and all other facilities. Arrange for appropriate maintenance, repair and improvement of the same.

2. The Community Manager must maintain a valid driver’s license.

3. Establish work schedules and sets standards, which meet the needs of the property, and assigns individuals to perform scheduled work.

4. Follows company policy in all financial and clerical procedures and ensures compliance of all office personnel to company policy.

5. Accurate and timely maintenance of the computerized property management system.

6. Follows and keeps an accurate Budget Control System and Purchase Order system as instructed by the Regional Manager.

7. Ensures the computerized property management system is kept according to HUD (where applicable) and company policy; including all necessary documents; i.e., leases, applications, work orders, certifications, employment and income verifications and re-certifications, as applicable.

8. Ensures that all daily, weekly and monthly reports are accurate and are transmitted to the proper people (as directed by the Regional Manager) on time.

9. Processes all invoices for payment promptly, with correct coding for all items.

10. Assigns specific financial and clerical duties to office personnel, and closely monitors individual performance of assigned tasks.

11. Works closely with each employee toward the goal of improving the performance of each person to his or her capabilities.

12. Determines strengths and weaknesses of individual employees and aids in the building of their strengths.

13. Conducts training sessions on a monthly basis.

14. Operates the project within budget and spending limit guidelines.

15. Supervises all project employees including the hiring and firing of project employees per company policy.

16. Keeps the Portfolio Manager informed of progress of any major projects.

17. Supervises all on site personnel on management-resident relations and develops a genuine concern by employees for the welfare of residents.

18. Work hours will be set by the Regional Manager based on occupancy. No change without supervisor’s approval.

19. Inspects and approves all contract work performed on the property.

20. Maintains the confidentiality of all personnel and resident files.

21. Approves payroll time sheets via email to Corporate Office by 10:00 a.m. CST on the Monday following the last day of any pay period.

Delegation of Authority

The Community Manager is authorized to delegate authority to any key employee. Any such delegation must be approved by the Portfolio Manager. The Community Manager’s responsibility is always primary, even for activities delegated to subordinates. In addition, the Community Manager will perform such duties as may be assigned by the Portfolio Manager or other supervisors.

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