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About Slingshot Memphis
Slingshot Memphis is a poverty-fighting center of influence that’s igniting a movement to revolutionize the way we fight poverty. We are disrupting traditional methods of alleviating poverty by introducing analytical, outcomes-driven approaches.

Unlike business, medicine, and many other sectors that have established, objective processes for measuring outcomes, the poverty-fighting ecosystem simply hasn’t. This makes it nearly impossible to know which programs and services most effectively reduce the social and economic gaps in Memphis.

Slingshot has addressed this by developing a new, standardized methodology to measure poverty-fighting effectiveness. By providing previously unavailable insights about poverty-fighting outcomes, we empower decision makers to allocate financial and other resources toward solutions that produce effective outcomes for those experiencing poverty.

We believe that as our community embraces this new methodology—or “Poverty-Fighting Feedback Loop”—we can measurably reduce poverty and accelerate access to equitable opportunities for all Memphians.

About Slingshot’s Work

Slingshot performs three primary functions to achieve its mission. First, we work alongside poverty-fighting organizations to study their effectiveness. We call this an impact study. Second, we identify opportunities to enhance the outcomes that poverty-fighting organizations produce. Third, we raise funds in the community and invest 100% of these funds directly in poverty-fighting organizations to amplify effective programs and services.

An impact study is a 2-5 month process where Slingshot gathers evidence and performs the analysis necessary to accurately determine an organization’s poverty-fighting effectiveness. Over a series of meetings, Slingshot gathers evidence from an organization, conducts external research, performs quantitative and qualitative analysis, creates impact profiles to capture the evidence and insights, identifies the appropriate impact results, and prioritizes opportunities for greater impact. Each year, Slingshot updates the impact study to capture the changes in effectiveness. We strive to not only employ similar rigor as for-profit professional services organizations but also the heart necessary to meet people where they are and assist them from a place of humility and hope.

About the Impact Associate role
Slingshot seeks an Impact Associate to help conduct the impact study process. This role reports to the Impact Manager and is responsible for leading the Slingshot Impact Study for multiple poverty-fighting organizations at a time. The Impact Associate will also have responsibilities to help further enhance Slingshot’s methodology, processes, and impact.


  • Manage the impact study process for several poverty-fighting organizations
  • Prepare for and lead impact study meetings with organizations
  • Conduct secondary research on the social challenges addressed, practices used, and benefits created by organizations
  • Synthesize information and meeting notes into an impact profile, which is a comprehensive repository of evidence that provides an accurate assessment of an organization’s poverty-fighting impact
  • Present the evidence to enable Slingshot to assign an impact result for each dimension and participate in identifying opportunities for greater impact
  • Create deliverables that communicate the poverty-fighting impact of an organization and the associated research and evidence
  • Supervise Impact Analysts in documenting evidence and assisting in the research


  • Personal interest in alleviating poverty, innovating new solutions, and building equity
  • Strong self-awareness and desire to receive feedback and continually improve
  • Exceptional relationship management skills that incorporate advanced emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to work with diverse personalities
  • Experience facilitating meetings and collecting and analyzing qualitative data
  • Effective collaboration skills and the ability to work effectively with a team
  • Strong organization skills to efficiently and effectively manage multiple workstreams
  • Experience conducting secondary research to make a decision or reach a conclusion and using quantitative analysis to inform decision-making
  • Demonstrated rigor and quality of work, including excellent attention to detail
  • Bachelor’s Degree, relevant postgraduate degree, and/or 3-5+ years of applicable work experience


To apply, send your resume and a brief statement of interest to John Dunavant at with Impact Associate in the subject line. Your statement of interest should describe why you are interested in working with Slingshot and how your skills and experience fit with the responsibilities for the role, including: how you manage projects and work streams, how you identify and solve problems, and how you develop professional relationships. Slingshot will follow up with selected applicants to schedule an interview, at which time professional and personal references will be requested. Slingshot is an equal opportunity employer.

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