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RedZone Ministries

Program Coordinator

Job Description


Position Description:

Responsible to the Executive Director of RedZone Ministries


Program Focus:

The Program Coordinator is responsible to implement the program strategies of RedZone Ministries.  Responsible to develop and facilitate direct evangelical outreach and discipleship ministry among urban young people, particularly young people between the ages of 13 to 18 who live in the Orange Mound community.  The coordinator will report directly to the Executive Director or the designee.


Specific Tasks:

I.               Direct Ministry:

A.     Be accountable to the mission strategy and vision.

B.    To work with the team to facilitate a weekly proclamation event.

1.     Develop specific programs that meet the needs of young men.

C.    To host a weekly bi-weekly Bible Study / Discipleship Group

D.   Summer Camping

1.     Summer programming, i.e. weekend and weeklong camping.

2.    Serve at a week long summer camping experiences

E.     Provide wholistic programs in the community

F.     Network with churches, para-churches, and other organizations.

G.   Have a high presence at a community school and in the community.

1.     Intentional effort to recruit students for all programming

2.    Highly active in the school & community, i.e. service.


II.             Leadership Development

A.     Network with potential partners

1.     Recruit and nurture volunteers and potential donors (actively engage in resource development process)

2.    Marketing

a.      Community Newsletters, etc.

b.    Attend Mission Conferences

B.     Personal Development

1.    Must participate in training/development opportunities

2.    Attend seminars/conferences (in and out of town), as designated

C.    Administrative

1.     Must keep accurate records of numbers and outcomes

2.    Set individual goals and objectives, re:  numbers, outcomes, etc.

3.    Must submit reports and /or assignments in a timely manner.

4.    Must attend all RedZone staff meetings.


To apply for this job email your details to

  • Full Time
  • Memphis
  • Must love young people

RedZone Ministries, Inc

Full Time


  • Must love young people
  • To apply for this job email your details to