Employment Essentials Instructor and Workforce Specialist

The Employment Essentials Instructor and Workforce Specialist is responsible for preparing
HopeWorks clients for the workforce, as well as assisting clients’ transition into the workforce.
Through timely communication with clients and staff they assist clients from all HopeWorks
departments as they begin or continue their engagement with HopeWorks.

The Employment Essentials lnstructor works with the Program Manager to ensure that all
essential job functions are met. The Employment Essentials lnstructor will arrange and facilitate
all activities associated with carrying out the Employment Essentials class, including recruiting
and assessing potential students, coordinating all class-related activities, coordinating care and
services with HopeWorks staff, and coordinating volunteers. The Employment Essentials
instructor will be responsible for documenting client contacts in the database. They will
participate in staff meetings and other relevant meetings associated with client care.

This individual should model HopeWorks values and ethics. To be effective in this position, one
must be caring, empathic, conscientious, confidential, culturally-sensitive, and client-centered.
This individual should adhere to professional standards as outlined by rules and regulations
governing their profession.


Arrange and facilitate Employment Essentials classes:
Employment Essentials Instructor
• Facilitate numerous Employment Essentials classes throughout the year at various
HopeWorks sites.
• May serve as Men’s Personal and Career Development facilitator as needed.
• Create/utilize material that is culturally-sensitive and designed to meet students’ needs,
develop their personal growth, and help them prepare for obtaining and maintaining
• Coordinate all class related activities.
• Update and modernize curriculum and resources as necessary.
• Coordinate with Adult Basic Education site leads to recruit clients for new classes and
finalize the details of classes at each site.
• Coordinate the schedule of classes, verify with supervisor, and share schedule with Adult
Basic Education site leads and other HopeWorks staff as necessary.

• Timely communicate with HopeWorks staff regarding clients to assist with transition into
the workforce.
• Organize client intakes for each Employment Essentials class with the Case
Management Department.
• Track the necessary client data through CoactionNet software, Google software, and
physical documents.
• Analyze data for the purpose of communicating class results with HopeWorks staff and
identifying necessary improvements for Employment Essentials.
Workforce Specialist
• Provide Workforce services (maintain Workforce caseload) for approximately 40% of
Employment Essentials clients from each cohort (depending on Workforce Department
• Create and update resumes for clients in the workforce process.
• Assess student interests, abilities, and values to properly assist them with their job
• Communicate with the Workforce Coordinator to identify job opportunities for clients of
the Workforce Department.
• Attend weekly Workforce Department meetings to communicate with other members
about how to better serve clients.
• To best serve the client and ensure success, communicate regularly with clients of the
Workforce Department andmaintain engagement throughout the workforce process.
• Contribute to one Workforce Department Lunch and Learn twice per year.

Recruit and Assess Potential Students:
• Coordinate efforts to recruit potential students.
• Interview potential students.
• Assess and address motivational, behavioral, substance abuse, mental health, and
psychosocial issues.

Coordinate Care and Services with HopeWorks Staff:
• Partner with the Manager of Programs and Lead Case Manager to provide excellent care
to each program participant.
• Communicate concerns/progress with HopeWorks staff as well as other staff who provide
services to the participant.
• Maintain up-to-date records in the CoAction database regarding interactions with clients.
• Participate in staff meetings and other meetings related to the care and service of
Employment Essentials participants.
• Produce relevant documentation, correspondence, and statistical information as needed.
• Seek and collaborate with community partners who can assist us in providing outstanding
care and education to our participants.

Coordinate and communicate with volunteers:
• Partner with Community Engagement Coordinator in recruiting, training and organizing
• Arrange volunteers to serve as Faith Encouragers
• Arrange volunteers to assist with other aspects of Employment Essentials classes as
• Communicate with volunteers.

Commit to personal professional development:
• Continue to grow and develop as an Employment Essentials instructor by committing to read
relevant information, participate in classes, webinars and seminars and/or watching
educationally relevant material.
• Perform other duties as requested.


Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Counseling preferred.
Related educational background considered (Criminology, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Ministry,

2-3 years minimum experience preferred.
Experience in group facilitation, working with individuals who are under-resourced or who have
criminal backgrounds is beneficial.

To apply for this job please visit www.whyhopeworks.org.

HopeWorks, Inc.

Full Time

Memphis, TN

To apply for this job please visit www.whyhopeworks.org.