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Workforce / Case Management Specialist

The Workforce/Case Management Specialist working in the area of “Reentry” is responsible for arranging, advocating, coordinating, and monitoring the implementation, participation, and delivery of services designed for HopeWorks reentry clients.   The Reentry Workforce/Case Management Specialist will work with adult clients inside of Shelby County Division of Corrections, as well as post released into the community. They will assist clients with their continuing education search & applications, career search, resume writing, interview preparation, and the pre/post-employment onboarding process. The Reentry Workforce/Case Management Specialist will meet regularly with students to track and assess student progress.

The reentry Workforce/Case Management Specialist is responsible for documenting client contacts in the database, maintaining contact with clients, gaining knowledge of community resources, and continually building relationships with community partners and resource providers beneficial to the clients. This individual should participate in staff meetings, monthly TTA meetings as required by BJA, and other relevant meetings associated with client care. This individual will create and facilitate programming to assist clients to identify and eliminate potential barriers, maintain successful employment, and provide cognition of assessed community resources.  This individual should participate in staff meetings and other relevant meetings associated with client care.

The Workforce/Case Management Specialist working within reentry should model HopeWorks values and ethics central to the HopeWorks mission of “Hope in Christ”.  To be effective in this position, one must be caring, empathetic, conscientious, confidential, culturally-sensitive, and client-centered. This individual should adhere to professional standards as outlined by rules and regulations governing their profession.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


Client Care Services and Duties
  Conduct workshops focused on career exploration and interests
●      Support client in search for employment
●      Work with client to create a goal map and track their progress
●      Assist with resume writing, interview preparation, and employment preparation
●      Support workforce development initiatives
●      Assist students with academic goals and college application
●      Recruit and assist students with IET programs
●      Identify pathways and goals appropriate for various immigration statuses
●      Develop a written plan of action in conjunction with the client using appropriate communication techniques to meet client and employer staffing needs.

●      Conduct assessments and skills inventory
●      Assist clients in job search and electronic employment applications
●      Develop professional resume for each client and place electronic version in database
●      Works closely with Workforce Coordinator for job leads and employment referrals
●      Participates in Workforce meetings and activities
●      Provide instruction to clients on topics related to career planning and development, and to the extent possible, prepare clients for specific employer needs or preferences.
●      Maintain secure, accurate and confidential records about client enrollment and exit data
●      Collect employment verification and other information from employers as needed
●      Participate in community events as needed
●      Based on client assessment, identify outside agencies for referrals on their behalf, including arranging services through cooperative agreements with other human service organizations
●      Promote positive communication and teamwork
●      Hold workshops for groups of students as needed
●      Performs other duties as assigned or directed

Case Management:
Client Care Services and Duties
●      Arrange, advocate, coordinate and monitor the implementation, participation, and delivery of services for GRIT N GRIND clients
●      Collect, organize, and analyze information about clients through records, tests, interviews, aptitude and interest sources
●      Conduct intake/registration interviews, recording information in case notes, including inputing notes in electronic database
●      Identify client’s interests, skills, needs, barriers and resources through active listening
●      Recommend community groups and other resources to meet the identified needs and assist the client in removing identified barriers by developing a plan of service for each client
●      Follow up with providers to ensure delivery of service
●      Implement individualized re-entry service plan(s) for assigned clients
●      Facilitate the acquisition of primary substance abuse and/or mental health services as required
●      Establish or re-establish, expand and strengthen relationships between client and their families when appropriate, as directed
●      Monitor inmate participation/progress in programming to promote successful completion and outcomes
●      Facilitate client access to stable housing, transportation, identification and benefits (social security, TennCare, etc.) immediately upon release from incarceration
●      Facilitate community and faith-based links for long-term sustainability and post release follow up and tracking
●      Conduct field duties and responsibilities such as agency visits, meetings, conferences and workshops as required.
●      Maintain all required program documentation (reports, forms, statistics etc. as directed
●      Perform other duties as assigned or directed

Documentation and Reporting and Professional Standards

·       Maintain all required documentation for assigned caseload following professional standards as outlined by rules and regulations governing the profession.
·       Maintain client records, producing clean reports for administrative use.
·       Demonstrate integrity for documenting and reporting processes, monitoring client data.
·       Use data to determine client eligibility and suitability for services.
·       Produce relevant documentation, correspondence and statistical information as needed.
·       Perform other duties as assigned or directed.

Education and Related Work Experience

Required: Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, Counseling or Human Services.  Proof of Education is required.
Additional education, experience or additional certifications and licenses may be required.

Combination of five (5) years documented,related work experience and education may be considered.

Related Work Experience:

Minimum one (1) year working with high-function programs and high-risk populations. Experience analyzing and monitoring data, practicing motivational interviewing,

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  • Full Time
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  • $52,000 USD / Year
  • Salary: $52,000

HopeWorks, Inc.

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  • Salary: $52,000
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