Director of Clinical Services

Agape has an opening for a Director of Clinical Services. As a poverty-reduction initiative, Agape, through its place-based strategy, Powerlines Community Network (PCN), implements a Two-Generation paradigm. Works in collaborations with partner agency/businesses, schools, apartment communities, and surrounding areas to provide holistic wraparound services for both parents and children, using the 2-Gen focus based largely on Aspen Institute’s work: Early Childhood Education, Postsecondary Education and Workforce, Economic Supports, Health and Well-Being, and Social Capital.

Responsibilities: Leads the clinical work through the Two-Generational focus for youth and families impacted by traumas and adverse childhood experiences within high-need, under-resourced communities served through Agapes place-based strategies. Develop, plan and implement strategies for program continuation and growth. Responsible for overseeing and developing Clinical Services (to include counseling, adoption, maternity, and foster care services) including hiring, supervision, evaluation, and scheduling. Provide training and supervision to clinical staff and interns. This position must have a positive and supportive attitude toward the agency and its overall success. This position provides both clinical and personnel supervision of the clinical staff. Must have the ability to think globally, solve problems and have good decision-making skills, including critical analytical and strategic thinking skills. Provides leadership, direction, and administration of all aspects of clinical services activities to ensure the accomplishment of its objectives.

The provision of clinical, supervisory, and program development duties, including the following:

Proven experience as a clinical director or other managerial position, with experience in clinical supervision and program management.
Supervise and oversee all aspects of the clinical department following the agency mission demonstrated by setting departmental goals and objectives. Evaluate existing contract compliance, monitoring, and reporting to ensure all goals are being met
Excellent knowledge of standards and regulations for the clinical field.
Project, develop, and monitor revenue and expense budget for fee-for-service programs that include private pay, TennCare, and other billings. Work effectively with Finance staff to develop an efficient billing system.
Develop, plan and implement strategies to manage program growth and ensure self-funding and sustainability of Clinical Services. Regularly review and recommend changes in program services (to include services to Powerlines Communities). Ensure contract compliance.
Supervision of the behavioral health care (including mental health care) services and other programs of the agency. The clinical director ensures that services are delivered in accordance with agency, contract, legal and ethical, and accreditation requirements and standards and that service records are adequately created, maintained, updated, and forwarded in a timely manner.
Provide training to therapeutic teams to ensure effective and replicable delivery of any therapeutic programs.
Maintain and uphold the policies, procedures, and standards of the agency and makes sure that clinical services staff member is working efficiently. To be able to guarantee the effectiveness of staff, the clinical director is required to evaluate members of the staff.
Communicate best practice standards and expectations to the rest of the staff and identify new ways of providing effective treatment to clients. Interact both formally and informally with staff to provide activities related to work such as conducting meetings and workshops.
Assessment and evaluation of the quality of clinical services and preventive/educational services offered, which includes appropriate case review and the follow-up of the client’s satisfaction with services rendered.
Develop and implement data collection methods, tools, and evaluation measures for Clinical Services.
Administrative and clinical supervision of professional clinical staff and practicum interns, including the timely evaluation of their performance.
Recommend changes in status of subordinate employees and prospective employees such as hiring, advancement, promotion, demotion, pay increases, probation, termination, etc.
Market and represent Agape overall by participating in collaborative initiatives and other stakeholder groups.
Establish and maintain high-level relationships with community partnerships and collaborations.
Solid understanding of budgeting, resourcing, and performance evaluation procedures.
Under the direction of the Board of Directors and CEO, authority will be granted to create and implement policies and procedures, which are in the best interest of all stakeholders.
Must be able to work with a flexible schedule, which would allow for the needed interaction and involvement for the tasks of this position, i.e., weekend and evening work hours, etc.
Will perform all other duties, within the general scope of this position, as requested by their direct supervisor or other members of Agape Leadership.
Physical Requirements:

Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working at a computer.
Prolonged walking and standing, and climbing stairs within churches, schools, and community sites.
Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds at a time.
Minimum of Master’s degree in a clinical mental health service field (psychology, counseling, social work, or marriage and family) and current state licensure as an independent provider of mental health services. An experienced therapist having worked with a wide range of clients and client needs and diagnoses. At least 5 years of high-level experience in an administrative capacity is desired. Also, should have a track record of being an effective speaker, educator, and presenter on issues related to families, mental health, prevention, communications, etc. High levels of critical, analytical, and strategic thinking, time management, leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, education and training skills, cultural sensitivity, and conflict resolution skills. Must have excellent written and oral communication skills and demonstrated computer proficiency, including Microsoft Office Suite and other software applications essential to this position. Should possess outstanding organizational and management skills and be detailed and results-oriented while maintaining high energy and passion for the Agape mission, vision, and values. Must have an automobile available for business use and maintain a current driver’s license and current auto insurance with acceptable levels of coverage. Will be required to work a flexible schedule to include evenings and weekends as needed. The candidate must be willing to engage in Agapes Performance Quality and Improvement (also known as Continuous Quality).

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