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Chief Executive Officer

BRIDGES USA is a youth empowerment organization that facilitates dynamic social and community change. Equipping thousands of young people with leadership skills, BRIDGES USA centers and amplifies youth voices while building pathways to civic engagement. It is a place of deep connections, personal growth, enduring
influence, friendships, and intergenerational partnerships that form across social, economic, and racial divides.

BRIDGES USA is an equitable force for innovation and change in Memphis. It is a relevant and evolving  organization that is not only improving the local community but also shaping the national dialogue and  understanding of youth power. Wherever you go in Memphis, you’ll meet a Bridge Builder, alumni of BRIDGES USA are making a difference at home and throughout the country.

BRIDGES USA seeks a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to further its mission and activate its proposed  Strategic Plan: Vision Next 2027. The CEO will be a uniquely qualified leader of youth who will carry the  organization into its future of wider reach and deeper impact.

BRIDGES USA’s next CEO is a values-driven leader who centers youth in all decision-making. Their work and career reflect a deep commitment and passion for youth development and BRIDGES USA’s mission.

For potential consideration or to recommend a prospect, please email or call Patti Kish or Michelle Hall at 404-BoardWalk (404-262-7392).