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Roles & Responsibilities:


The Glazier / Installer position is the primary product fulfillment position in the company. Glaziers / Installers are charged with delivering the customer experience in the home as part of the final fulfillment (installation) process.
Thoroughly inspect job materials, ensuring the product(s) are the correct size & style, and that there is no obvious product damage or flaws on product(s) required to complete job(s)
Load required job materials to installation vehicle(s), including redundant materials, tools, job folder/paperwork, safety equipment etc…
Communicate to office AND customer if we’ll be late for scheduled installation appointment
Upon arrival at customer’s home, validate the work to be completed, the product(s) to be installed, installation location(s), and the estimated time it will take to complete the job, and customer expectations, and manage those expectations accordingly.
Install all products and services included in the work order, troubleshoot, and strive to resolve any installation problems that might occur on-site
If it’s not possible to safely perform a quality service or installation on the date promised, effectively note all issues, and required materials necessary to complete the installation to the customer’s satisfaction at a later date.
Communicate with relevant team members regarding incomplete work, ensuring that any new materials are ordered, the cause of the go-back can be discerned, and that customer expectations can be managed accordingly.
Take care of the customer’s home/business, ensuring we leave it cleaner than when we found it… use booties, etc…
Close out the installation by walking customer through the care and maintenance of products, walk them through warrantee (if applicable) and how to contact us if they ever need service or have additional questions
Qualifications & Educational Requirements:


General knowledge of tools/construction.
HS Diploma or equivalent
All candidates must pass initial background check and drug test. Valid license to drive, and a clean DMV record
Candidates must be physically capable of performing work, in good health, with the ability to lift up to 50-100lbs. unassisted
Preferred Skills:


Residential glass replacement including single/double pane window glass, shower enclosures, etc…
Residential window/door installation including new construction and retrofit
Window/door maintenance, weatherization, and repair
Effective troubleshooting skills
Excellent verbal/written communications skills
Hardworking, motivated, with excellent organizational and time-management skills
*Eligibility for company benefits contingent upon completion of initial employee probationary period and at the discretion of the Franchise Owner.