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Executive Director – EVC Business Office

HIRING RANGE: $137,159.67 – $160,019.61/annually

JOB SUMMARY/ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS:  Under the direction of the Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC) Operations and Finance, the Executive Director- EVC Business Office plans, implements, and directs fiscal and human resources activities for all units that report to the Office of the EVC. This position reviews and evaluates complex budgets and staffing needs for all EVC units and makes recommendations to unit leaders and the EVC for change as needed. This position assists the unit leaders within the Office of the EVC navigate financial, budgetary and HR processes through the ERP and related software systems.


  1. Leads, manages, directs, and consults with appropriate EVC Unit leadership and staff regarding their respective budgets.
  2. Prepares budget reports and documents to provide financial management support to the EVC units.
  3. Provides guidance, reviews, and approves budget documents prepared by units reporting to the EVC Office ensuring compliance with applicable policy, procedure, and budget strategies.
  4. Completes short and long-range financial analyses to provide decision support on the allocation of financial and personnel resources; makes recommendations for the reallocation of resources to align with division priorities.
  5. Prepares justifications or alternatives for cost containment and/or reductions to meet department and campus mission and priorities.
  6. Evaluates, develops, implements, and monitors internal policies and procedures relating to fiscal and HR activities for EVC Units to ensure efficient and effective operations.
  7. Plans, implements, and directs the business activities relating to procurement, payroll, inventory, and employee benefits, to ensure that business services activities are completed in compliance with university and office policies, procedures, and strategic objectives.
  8. Provides leadership, supervision and oversight, and manages and directs training for staff in the Central Business office who have responsibility for financial and HR activities.
  9. Provides oversight and collaborates with hiring managers in the units providing consultation, recommendations, and direction as needed in relation to staff hiring, performance reviews, improvement plans, and terminations.
  10. Develops, manages, and directs training across all EVC units for financial and human resources functions.
  11. Accurately interprets and complies with federal and state laws impacting business operations and university policy.
  12. Prepares and completes annual fiscal control questionnaires and annual space surveys.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Management, Finance, Accounting, or a related field.  (TRANSCRIPT REQUIRED)

EXPERIENCE: Seven (7) years of progressive experience in an upper management setting with responsibility for finance and/or human resource management; OR Master’s Degree and five (5) years of progressive experience in an upper management setting with responsibility for finance and/or human resource management. (Experience in Higher Education industry is preferred.)


Ability to develop business reports and plans.
Skills in supervision and the ability to identify training as well as professional development needs and create a plan to meet identified needs.
High-level skills in position-related software and personnel/financial systems including word processing, spreadsheets, and enterprise resource management systems.
Knowledge of best practices for budgeting, accounting, and forecasting.
Ability to adapt to change and work independently, strong initiative.
Skills in managing complex budgets and translating complex financial data  into understandable business reports  for executive leadership
Technical knowledge of entity-wide financial statements, financial statement components and their impact on key financial ratios.
Skill in identifying opportunities and implementing Business Process Improvement.

WORK SCHEDULE:  This position may occasionally be required to work evenings and weekends. May require occasional overnight travel.