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Maintenance Manager

Basic Function
A. Maintains physical condition of entire property
B. Assists Property Manager in operating the property

A. Reports to Property Manager.
B. Manages, Directs, and supervises the maintenance staff
C. Maintains relationships with other staff members
D. Maintains relationships and administers maintenance related contracts, suppliers, vendors and
professionals servicing the property

The activities listed below are not all inclusive. However, they are indicative of the type of activities normally performed by the Maintenance Manager.

Supervisory Duties:
• Prioritizes service requests
• Verify service requests performed by staff members are complete and closed out
• Complete established Preventive Maintenance tasks
• Establishes daily work schedules for maintenance staff
• Follows up on work assignments for efficient, thorough Completion
• Maintains record of types and frequency of service requests received
• Establishes emergency maintenance on-ca11 schedule, and posts and distributes emergency telephone numbers
• Maintain appropriate inventory of equipment, tools and supplies
• Performs management approved purchases of supplies, equipment and services Includes budgeted Capital)
• Performs regular inspections of the property and documents the results
• Notifies management of maintenance problems and recommends solutions
• Assists in preparation of all maintenance related records
• Meets with Property Manager daily to report on status of all scheduled work
• Assists in move-in and move-out procedures
• Provide input on Scope of work for contract services and supervises contract maintenance workers.
• Trains new maintenance staff workers
• Establishes preventative maintenance tasks and schedule
• Maintains updated preventive maintenance information/smoke detector log/preventive maintenance log (i.e., location of extra parts for appliances, equipment serial numbers and service telephone numbers)
• Knows current condition of all vacant apartments and/or commercial vacancies
• Holds regular instruction classes for maintenance staff
• Keeps workshop or utility room clean, orderly and safe (according to the established OSHA standards)
• Provides role model for maintenance staff by following all company procedures and presenting an appearance appropriate for the image of the property
• Ensures all locks are re-keyed after a move out
• Maintains SDS book(s)
• Maintains warranty paperwork for new equipment, etc.
• Accompanies Property Manager on inspections of apartments or lease spaces that have given notice to vacate
• Ensures all make-readies are complete within 5 days or less of an apartment being vacated
• Ensures all service requests are completed within 24 hours
• Ensures all emergency service requests are completed immediately.
• Requires all staff to be trained in OSHA guidelines.
• Reports all rules and regulations violations to the Property Manager.

Maintenance Duties:
• Obtains thorough knowledge of power, water and gas turnoffs, clean-out traps, fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. (map of locations to be posted in shop and provided to manager)
• Assists in all aspects of the property’s maintenance, including grounds, custodial, preventive, corrective, deferred and emergency maintenance.
o Maintains exterior and public lighting
o Clears gutters, downspouts, drains and roofs
o Repairs structural wear and damage to buildings
o Cares for lawn, plants, shrubs and flowers
o Cleans parking areas, sidewalks, alleyways, hallways and common areas
o Prepares and inspects vacant apartments and leased spaces
o Paints interior and exterior surfaces
o Services appliances, equipment, plumbing, electrical systems, etc.
o Picks up trash on property and removes pet excrement
o Cleans garbage area(s)
o Observes, watches out for and anticipates the unusual

Expectations of a Maintenance Supervisor

– Maintain integrity of work order log; Review approve and analyze work orders submitted
– Follow Appfolio work order process for review, analysis and submittal
– Prepare purchase orders for maintenance bills
– Solicits maintenance contracts for review with Manager
– Supervise timeliness and quality of work by Maintenance Technicians
– Acknowledge any unusual repairs requiring special attention
– Develop vendor contracts and obtain competitive bids
– Maintain sufficient inventory of needed supplies
– Place orders for maintenance supplies and services
– Look for areas to reduce operations cost

– Performs entire property inspection

As Necessary
– Provides budget information
– Develop and revise preventative maintenance contracts
– Coordinate coverage for weekends and holidays
– Conduct periodic inventory checks
– Attend training classes/maintenance meetings

– Performance appraisal of subordinates