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Systems Administrator

St. Mary’s Episcopal School seeks a System Administrator starting July 2024. The System Administrator ensures and maintains a secure and functional technology infrastructure for our students, faculty, and staff.

  • Proactively manage the school network across ten buildings and two campuses, ensuring security, functionality, and privacy
  • Research, test, implement, and troubleshoot modern network solutions to keep our school operating at and beyond industry-standard cyber security and performance
  • Work in collaboration with the Director of Technology to design network infrastructure solutions for new building projects or remodels
  • Function as a tier two technical support, focusing on resolving network/server communications issues first for faculty, staff, and students and assisting our Help Desk Specialist with tier one issues as time allows
    Provided regular system monitoring to identify and address performance issues, glitches, or potential problems on our servers, network, and client devices
  • Ensure seamless integration for our Apple devices managed through our Mobile Device Management solution on our network
  • Assist the Director of Technology in monitoring phishing emails, respond to phishing attacks, and help facilitate our phishing training program
  • Administer the school VoIP system alongside our VoIP vendor
  • Troubleshoot and advise on communications issues related to the security and fire systems as needed
  • Keep and update our network documentation, inventory, and network mapping
  • Keep a regular equipment schedule to advise the Director of Technology when equipment needs to be purchased
  • Administer a variety of local servers, including but not limited to our domain controller, print server, RADIUS server, content caching servers, HVAC, video camera server, and ensure that all use the 3-2-1 backup standard
  • Plan, prepare, and execute IT system change projects while adhering to the proper industry change management standards
  • Collaborate with the school Faculty and Staff to ensure the secure integration of technology in our learning environment
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Technology or Head of School