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Jan 31: “Worth the Gamble” Release Party

Will Press Release Smaller

Will Tucker is just 21-years-old, but even those older than him can learn something from his dedication and drive.  For the past six years, and every weekend, Tucker has played at B.B. King’s Blues Club on Beale Street.  He’s opened for names such as B.B. King, Charlie Musselwhite, and John Stamos. His sound has evolved, with a little bit of rock and blues to it, he’s finally ready to do what he was born to do.  He’s ready to be heard.

On January 31 at 5 p.m., Tucker will release his second CD, “Worth the Gamble,” with a release party happening at a place he’s spent the most time, B.B. King’s Blues Club.  His very own house band members appear on the CD, as well as Dave Smith and Steve Potts, Memphis studio legends.

If you think that isn’t impressive, Tucker helped co-produce this album with Grammy nominated producer, Paul Speer.  Not only that, the CD was recorded at Ardent Studios.  Did I mention Tucker has also recorded in the past with Randy Jackson?  There’s nothing the guy can’t do.

“Worth the Gamble” will be available for digital pre-order on iTunes, but will be fully available on Jan. 31.  You can also get a copy at the CD release party and in B.B. King’s gift shop.


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