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Save the Dates: International Events in Memphis 2017

Photo: GPAC

Featured photo: GPAC

There are a ton of international events coming up in Memphis so mark them on your calendars, learn about a new culture, and share with your friends.


Yasmine Omari

“As a Palestinian-Memphian that has lived here for over 15 years, I must say it is really exciting to see the emergence of more cultural festivals and events in Memphis. Growing up here and at times being negatively labeled as “different” and “other” has inspired and motivated me to help in the effort of breaking down prejudices and misconceptions by increasing cultural awareness.

Photo: Fomoloop

Photo: Fomoloop

Last year as I was juggling my many duties at the Palestine Festival I glance over to the sea of people linking hands and forming circles to dance a traditional Palestinian folk dance and I just stood there in awe admiring the smiles of all the Memphians of different ethnicities, ages and genders.. before being pulled into the circle to dance along with everyone else! Learning about other cultures doesn’t have to just involve sitting down and listening to a lecture but can be experienced with all of your senses. I encourage everyone to attend and support all the upcoming cultural festivals and events in Memphis. By learning about other cultures, some older than we can even fathom, we are learning about our collective human history.” – Yasmine Omari, Marketing & Education Outreach at GPAC, Festival Organizer for Palestine Fest, Festival Committee for Germantown International Festival


Places to catch an International Film:

Keep up with international events in Memphis through this local Facebook group.