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Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival 9/24

Photo: Breezy Lucia

Indie Memphis’ first Youth Film Festival will be a day to showcase original video projects made by regional kids.

The festival will take place at the Halloran Centre, where the films will be shown on the big screen. Youth will also have the opportunity to learn from the professionals through panels and workshops. Director Craig Brewer, who is based in Memphis, will help educate the kids, as well as Chris Strompolos & Eric Zala, who created a shot-for-shot, no budget remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark as teenagers.

To submit a film, youth applicants must be in grades 7 through 12 or a 2016 high school graduate. The film must be directed, written, shot and edited by kids of these ages. The actors, however, may be any age.

The submission can be any length, but films less than 10 minutes are preferred. The film may also be shot on any equipment, including cell phone and Gro Pro.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the fest, with a total of $1000 in prize money.

Applications and a full list of qualifications can be found online here. Submissions are due Aug. 21.

The Indie Memphis Youth Film Festival is the first of a group of creative projects to receive funding from the Downtown Memphis Commission’s Events, Animation and Activation Grant. This grant awards funding to events, projects and other opportunities that will create an engaging Downtown experience.  As of July 22, the DMC has funded eight projects.

For more information, visit Indie Memphis’ website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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