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Indie Memphis To Offer Ongoing Film Series in 2017

Photo: Indie Memphis

Featured photo: Indie Memphis

Indie Memphis is bringing a weekly film series to the Memphis movie circuit every Wednesday of 2017, beginning on February 1st.

This movie series, called Indie Wednesday, will be mirrored to the Indie Memphis Festival in many ways, showing a variety of new narrative and documentary feature films, classics, festival encores and short film programs. Furthermore, Indie Wednesday is an expansion opportunity with foreign movies and classics on 35mm that Indie Memphis did not have room for during the festival. And most importantly, Indie Memphis is finally bringing the top indie films to Memphis that release throughout the year.

Ticket Packages:

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Screening Details:

Malco Studio on the Square

Studio on the Square, Photo: Amanda Hill

The monthly lineup includes each of the following four Wednesday screenings, order will vary:

  • Malco Studio on the Square – $10/ticket
  • Malco Ridgeway – $10/ticket
  • Crosstown Arts MicroCinema – Pay What You Can
  • Crosstown Arts *NEW* Feature Film + Conversation – Pay What You Can
  • Wildcard – 5th Wednesdays OR Additional Screening Days Offered

Indie Memphis seeks to bring Memphis great entertainment but showcases thought-provoking films that create meaningful conversations in the Memphis community. Indie Memphis’s programs will include emerging local filmmakers to support artists that are making it happen in their backyards. At the same time, Indie Memphis seeks to elevate the offerings available of the best films produced across the world that currently are not coming to Memphis theaters.

Q&A about the series:

C901: How many films can we expect from this next series?

Ryan Watt: There will be at least 48 films in the series (48 weeks in the year starting Feb 1st)

C901: How does Indie Memphis contribute to changing the lives of up and coming artists and the Memphis public in General?

Ryan Watt: Indie Memphis supports two essential groups: 1) Audiences and 2) Artists. Memphis does not have an “arthouse” theater like many cities do showing the best independent films that come out of Sundance, Cannes and other festivals all year. Our Indie Wednesday series will help address this by providing a regular forum for us to show some of these top films that do not currently play in Memphis. For local artists, we provide an opportunity for their films to be seen on a big screen in front of an audience, we have our “IndieGrants” program that is providing artists $38,000 of cash and services on an annual basis to make short films. Our monthly “Shoot & Splice” event provides an education and networking opportunity for local filmmakers to meet and learn from each other. The annual film festival brings top industry professionals to Memphis from all over the world. Our second annual Youth Film Fest provides students in grades 7 – 12 a forum to showcase their films and learn from our film community with workshops and mentor support.

C901: What sets Indie Memphis apart and makes it unique?

Ryan Watt: From a global perspective, Indie Memphis is unique because we are in Memphis, a community with a wealth of artistic talent and a history of challenges that produce both conflict and inspiration. Our organization provides more local support than most film festivals while also bringing in groundbreaking films from across the country. Additionally, with a nod to our music heritage and talent, we show a number of films with music subjects and collaborate with our local musicians.

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