Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Claim the Cup at the Inaugural Brass Door Christmas Cup

Midtown Soccer Academy and Brass Door Irish Pub invite you to take a break from the seasonal shopping and present wrapping, and hit the turf with your coed 7-man team.


  • When: December 16 & 17
  • Where: Early Maxwell @ Central Venue
  • Cost: $150

The tournament is in 7 v. 7 format and the anybody ages 18+ are welcome to join. All proceeds go to Midtown Soccer Academy who are working to give Memphis youth more access to the game of soccer without money with a defining barrier.

The tournament has a 16-team limit, so secure your spot asap.

Did you know the Memphis soccer scene is exploding?

The community is vibrant and filled with people passionate about growing the sport in Memphis. Memphis FC, a semi-professional team in the city, is dedicated to increasing the Memphis soccer footprint, not just locally, but nationally and internationally. There are tons of adult teams for all player levels, with the newest addition being the Midtown Soccer Club! The biggest news in the scene is that the United Soccer League has announced that a professional team is coming to Memphis. 

Check out our post on 11 Ways to Enjoy Soccer in Memphis for more ways to get plugged in with this growing community.