Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

I’m New Here: Kick It With Kyiah

I’ve lived in Memphis for my entire life except for my first year of college, during which I went to Mississippi State. Even though I had lived in Memphis for all of those years, I didn’t truly become a Memphian until last year.

No, it’s not because I went to Graceland, ate at Central BBQ, and went to Jerry’s in one day (however I have done everything in that list). I became a true Memphian when I began to experience Memphis and actually value the culture here. From the creatives in Midtown, the history (AND FOOD) that makes Downtown so rich, the hidden gems in Whitehaven, and even the surrounding areas that we let claim Memphis (yes, I’m talking about you Germantown we still love you). All of these aspects work together to make Memphis Memphis and has made me who I am.

Okay so boom, I’m Kyiah. I am 20 years old and I was born and raised here in Memphis. I grew up in Whitehaven, and I’m actually in the small percentage of people who are from Memphis and have actually been to Graceland. I left Memphis for my first year of college, but I came back and enrolled at the University of Memphis where I am majoring in English and minoring in African American studies. I am a Bridge Builder, and shout out to anybody who read that and said “ANAOOWAWA.” I am a fan of books, no I’ve never read “Harry Potter”, movies, and opinions that are nothing like mine. While I am under five feet tall, what I lack in height, I make up for in opinions. I like coffee a tad bit more than I probably should, and I suppose that that fits because I am also a Barista. What I truly believe is: a.) there is power in words and conversation and b.) change starts at the bottom. 

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