Sophie (on the right) found her forever home through Streetdog Foundation.

If You Love Dogs, You’ll Love Streetdog Foundation–and These 3 Ways to Get Involved

By Jordan Arellano

There’s a lot to love about Memphis, and one of the biggest is the way our people come together to solve community problems. And Memphis does have a problem–with street dogs.

In 2021 Shelby County reported 5,828 dogs were brought to local shelters. And those are only the ones who have been rescued. It doesn’t matter where you are in town, you’ve likely seen a dog roaming, skinny, mangy, with no place to call home. 

That’s where Streetdog Foundation comes in.

Liam was rescued and revived by Streetdog and is thriving today. 

They are a dog rescue completely run by volunteers, and they specialize in rescuing and caring for the toughest cases.

With so many full shelters in town, Streetdog is committed to finding other ways to keep canines off the streets and in safe and loving homes. They don’t just rescue dogs, they provide them with all the medical support they need to thrive, pay for all their food and care in foster homes, and keep working until they find the perfect ‘furever’ family for each one.

Started on August 7, 2009 by Melanie and Kent Pafford, Streetdog has blossomed over the years into a full-blown operation, rescuing 1,500 dogs over the years, with around 50 active volunteers. 

Without a kennel facility, their volunteers do it all, some focusing on rescues, some as temporary or long-term fosters, and others working in media to post and share doggy stories. 

And there have been some crazy rescue stories over the years. Just this month, Streetdog rescued Howie Moon (pictured here), a sweet pup who was dumped at a truck depot covered in mange. 

Streetdog brought Howie Moon to the vet to receive all the care he needs before going to a foster or forever home soon. Named after Streetdog’s biggest night of the year coming up in November, Howie Moon is ready for his glow-up transformation, like so many Streetdog rescues before him. From starving, mangey, hurt, and unloved, to healthy happy pups who are cherished. 

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Howie Moon, reach out to Streetdog Foundation today!

Here are 3 easy ways you can support the work of Streetdog Foundation:

1. Come ‘pawty’ at Howl at the Moon, Streetdog’s 10th annual fundraiser coming up on November 12th! 

Located at The Warehouse downtown, you can expect live music, delicious food prepared by local restaurants, beverages, live & silent auctions, live bands, and just an all-around good time. Your $100 entrance ticket will cover food, beverages, and entertainment all night long, and the proceeds fund 80% of Streetdog’s annual operating budget, including rescue efforts, vetting, food and supplies, and more. By attending, you are impacting the future of Streetdog Foundation and the pups they care for. Everything at this event is donated – from entertainment to food and even the venue. That means 100% of what we raise goes straight to the pups!

2. Become a foster!

Stan Lee is looking to be adopted by an amazing Memphian.

Fostering a dog is one of the best ways to contribute to Streetdog’s work of caring for dogs in need. Because Streetdog doesn’t use a kennel, a lack of fosters is one of the biggest limitations keeping Streetdog from rescuing even more dogs!

When you choose to foster, volunteers will work with you to find the perfect dog that fits your lifestyle. Whether you want to foster one dog long-term or be a short-term relief for other fosters, opening your home to a pup in need is a great way to support Streetdog’s mission. 

Plus there are so many other ways to volunteer if you aren’t able to take a dog into your home right now. Support events, process applications, and post on the media team to show the pups some love. 

3. Share the love!

Sophie (on the right) found her forever home through Streetdog Foundation.

Online is where the action happens these days, so don’t be shy about following and sharing all things Streetdog Foundation from @streetdogfoundation. Encourage your friends and family to get involved, either by showing up to fun events, fostering, volunteering, or even adopting these precious pups.

It takes a village to care for our stray dogs, but thankfully Memphis is totally up for the challenge. 


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