Celebrating National Video Game Day the Memphis Way

National Video Game Month kicked off on September 12, 2020, which means we now have an entire month to celebrate. However, in addition to simply playing all of your favorite games, there are also ways to observe the holiday locally. Whether you’re shopping for a new game or looking to find a new, locally-made game, Choose901 has you covered.

Where to buy games locally:

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Located at 3848 Summer Avenue, GamesPlus is the oldest and largest video game shop in the Memphis area. The shop boasts an array of games for Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and more! If you’re looking to stock up on some retro games this month, GamesPlus will certainly have you covered. Be sure to check out their website as well, because they are currently in the process of updating the site to reflect their most current inventory.

Game X Change (regional chain)

Like GamesPlus, Game X Change features a variety of retro games. However, they also sell new releases and video game systems! Additionally, this regional chain has five Memphis-area locations that you can locate on their site map. Interested in in-store gaming? Game X Change is launching an eSports center at select locations where you can pay to play various games in-store with your friends. Be sure to keep up with them on social media to see updates on when a center will launch in Memphis!

Mid-South Hobbies + Games

This Summer Avenue shop is the largest hobby shop in our region. While they primarily focus on hobbies and tabletop games, the store does offer some retro video games. So, if you’re looking for some older Xbox 360 or PSP games, Mid-South Hobbies and Games has you covered. While you’re there, be sure to peruse their collections. It is certainly a good store to get lost in!

The Disc Connection

Established in 2006, the Disc Connection prides itself on offering “a one-stop-shop for all of your gaming needs.” Located in Bartlett, the store has a collection of video games, gaming systems, accessories and more. On top of their gaming supplies, the shop also offers game repairs and modifications. For a full list of the repairs they offer be sure to check out their site. If you’re staying home, be sure to check out their Amazon store, too!

How to play in person:

Bluff City Virtual Reality

If you haven’t tried virtual reality gaming yet, Bluff City VR is a great place to check out. After all, it is the city’s first ever virtual reality arcade. Immerse yourself in the world of VR by booking a time slot through their site, or check out their social media for different specials. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or enjoying a date night, Bluff City VR is a great place to check out.

Rec Room

While they are still currently closed, Rec Room is definitely a gaming location you must visit when the time comes. This Broad Avenue location features a variety of arcade games, but also has living rooms where you can play video games with your pals. These Rec Room living rooms are rentable spaces where you can rent gaming consoles per hour. Be sure to follow them on social media for updates on their opening!

Discover Local Streamers:


Owlex is local streamer that plays games such as Dead by Daylight, Fallout 76 and Animal Crossing on Twitch. You can check out their streams every week on Sunday (8:30/9 PM), Wednesday (8:30/9 PM) and Friday (8:30/9 PM). For more information on Owlex, be sure to check out their Instagram and Twitter.


Interested in watching someone play Marvel’s Avengers, Zoo Tycoon or the Elder Scrolls? SnowytheStrong has you covered. For more information about SnowtheStrong’s steaming schedule, be sure to check out this Twitch page. Or, follow for more details on Instagram and Twitter.


Bagel is another local streamer with a love for story-heavy, aesthetically pleasing games! She streams both The Last of Us and Just Chatting on her Twitch channel. You can watch her play every Tuesday, Thursday and every other Sunday at 7 pm CDT. For even more, be sure to check out her Instagram and Twitter.

Be sure to check out this local game designer:

Angel Star Studios by Kendall Rust

According to WyldFireGames, Dragon Acres is “a casual farming RPG with a unique twist.” Created by Memphian Kendall Rust, this new video game will launch in Spring 2022. However, if you’re ready to get started, a demo will be available on Steam this November. In order to learn more, hop over to the WyldFireGames site to learn about the game and its designers! For even more updates, follow along on Twitter!


Other local gaming resources:

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