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House of Genius Comes To Memphis


Photo: @pvanzandt7

Welcome to Memphis, House of Genius!

House of Genius is a really cool program where anyone and everyone can participate in business decisions throughout the city.

Here’s how it works:

First, House of Genius gets a local sponsor, in this case it is Cowork Memphis. Once a month, a business will apply to be discussed at the next month’s meeting. They will present a current issue or problem they are having and start a brainstorming session. They want to hear diverse and fresh ideas from people outside of their business loop.

You can also apply to sit in on the presentations in order to give your feedback. These businesses will listen to each 15-18 of you and the ideas you all may have for them to solve their problem.

This is a great opportunity to get involved and be heard in the 901!

The first session is going to be March 18th at Cowork Memphis.

If you have an issue you need help with or want to be a part of this collaboration, don’t forget to apply!

Cowork Memphis
902 S. Cooper Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

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