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Hoot & Louise

For years, Anna Avant has looted her grandmother’s home of its retro knick-knacks to add charm to her own Memphis home. Anna loves handmade apparel, unique jewelry and rare gifts. So when Anna left the corporate world to open a boutique, she hoped to bring to clients similar treasures to those she’s taken from granny’s house.

Named for Anna’s grandmother, Hoot + Louise reflects the style and charm of Louise “Hoot” Williamson. Hoot is a one-of-a-kind woman, and that uniqueness serves as inspiration for the hand-selected items you’ll discover in this eclectic boutique. The feel at H+L is like granny’s living room, where old mingles with new and where everyone feels at home.

Visit Hoot + Louise: 109 G.E. Patterson Memphis, TN 38103 Downtown Historic Arts District


  1. Jim Gregory says:

    Hoot + Louise is such a cool and unique shop, and Anna is the best! I love the story about how the name evolved. We are very fortunate to have businesses like Hoot + Louise in the South Main Arts District. Thank you, Anna…especially for sharing your talents and your great merchandise with us, your downtown neighbors!

    1. Amanda Amanda says:

      Thanks Jim, we are indeed very fortunate!