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The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gift-Giving in Memphis

Small Business Saturday may only come once a year, but with this pandemic packing a punch, we need to make sure our local shops are getting the support they need! Now, obviously, Memphis has more small businesses that we don’t even know about, so we asked y’all to share your faves—and we compiled a list so you can shop small not only for this weekend, but for the duration of the holiday season and then some. 


Vintage, modern, sleek, chill. Memphis has got it all when it comes to clothing brands. Give that uncle a neck tie, that cousin a vintage tee, and the newest member of the fam a baby blanket. Terrified to pick out that nephew Johnny’s clothing? Grab a gift card.

Photo: Mbabazi House of Style

  • Bad Timing Shop: Vintage tees and hats for those who remember Xena, the Budweiser frogs, and polar bears who drank Coca-Cola
  • City & State: Gifts with beautiful stories
  • Cheryl Pesce:  From babies and books to face masks and hats
  • Choose901 Pop-Up Shop: All the tee’s, sweaters, and hoodie’s you need!
  • Falling Into Place: Gorgeous home and lifestyle items featuring work by local makers and artists all around the country
  • Mbabazi House of Style: Fair trade business advocating African designs through modern fashion and quality products
  • Mo’s Bows: Bow-ties, pocket squares, and masks from Memphian, Shark Tank fave, and NBA bow-tie designer, Mo
  • Peso the Brand: One of Memphis’ heaviest hitting clothing brands with crazy unique styles and colorways
  • Primas Bakery and Boutique: Cake pops, an emphasis on Latino culture, modern style, and bright color
  • Sputnikclothing: The perfect blend of new styles and vintage feels from designer Micah Givens

Photo: Memphis Modern Market


Books are the gift appropriate for all ages, and the staff at these stores know their stuff. Ask them for recommendations and thank us later.


When is the best time to discover joy via entertainment and experiences? During a pandemic. These local faves are a sure hit for your loved ones.

  • A Tour of Possibilities: Tickets for incredible Memphis tours including the new Black History Tour
  • Memphis Escape Rooms; Escape rooms…obvs + socially distanced photo experiences and at-home games for any person or group
  • MadAirDecks: Skateboards by a local Memphian and designed by some of Memphis’ finest artists


Simple syrup for the boozy, chocolates for the fancy, and Memphis-themed goods for all.

Photo: @caneandherb901

  • Cane & Herb: Simple syrup with a herbaceous twist
  • City Tasting Boxes: Curated blends of packaged goods from famed Memphis restaurants and chefs, up-and-coming local food artisans, and other Memphis inspired crafts 
  • Phillip Ashley Chocolates: Build your own boxes or pre made boxes (we highly recommend that Taste of Memphis box) 


  • Swankys: Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase. Only offered in store through Dec. 31.
  • Cheffie’s – Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase. Only offered in store through Dec. 31.
  • STIX – Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase through Dec. 24.
  • BABALU – Receive a $5 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase or a $10 gift card for every $100 gift card purchase. These cards can be used at all Spell Restaurant Group restaurants.
  • Celtic Crossing – Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase through Dec. 24.
  • Staks Pancake Kitchen – Receive a $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase through Dec. 24.


Candles, ornaments, prints, paintings, plants, ceramics, jewelry, stationary, oils….you get the picture. If you’re having a rough time picking out the perfect gift for Aunt Deb, you can go classic with a plant, quirky with an Elvis ornament, or nostalgic with a Christmas candle.

Photo: Stock and Belle


2020 is definitely the time to watch out for our non-profits and to give gifts that give back.

City Tasting Box
Photo: Justin Fox Burks

  • Cazateatro Latinx Culture Box: A Latinx Cultural Box filled with items that represent the Latinx Community and benefit Cazateatro Bilingual Theatre group
  • Mighty Lights: Lights on the beloved Memphis bridge that you can dedicate (and help light it up with color) and support Mighty Lights

We loved hearing from you! Comment with more of your favorite small businesses to shop from. You’re helping us check off our holiday shopping lists, and we’re all about that. 

Also, if you are looking for local restaurants (food is the way we show love in the South, right?), check out our list here.

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