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Take a Tour With Historical Haunts Memphis


Picture this: You’re in a local bar, sipping drinks and chatting with friends about the rich history of Memphis when – BAM! – you come face to face with a ghost.

While that’s not exactly how it might go down during one of Historical Haunts’ pub crawls, you get the picture: spooky stuff.

Historical Haunts uses the unique history of Memphis to satisfy every thrill enthusiast’s desire to delve into the paranormal. Memphis is full of historic buildings, abandoned properties, and hidden secrets. For instance, did you know that in the 1870s Memphis was almost wiped out by a Yellow Fever epidemic that killed thousands? Legends, murders, maritime disasters, relocated graveyards, and more make Memphis the destination for ghost stories and hauntings.

We started Historical Haunts because we did our own investigative work and people started saying “Can we go with you?”

Historical Haunts

Woodruff Fontaine Home, Photo: Historical Haunts

Born from the fascination of local paranormal investigators, Historical Haunts offers unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Join Historical Haunts on Wednesdays and Fridays for a Haunted Pub Crawl. Many local businesses have acquired spooky histories passed down from generation to generation. Listen to bar owners share their own stories in addition to hearing from Historical Haunts Investigators.

There is an experience for everyone from the curious who enjoy a historical tour and taste of investigating, a haunted pub crawl, to a hardcore live investigation in some of the most famously haunted locations in the country.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it would be a grave mistake to miss out on this opportunity to learn more about Memphis history.

Tours and events are offered year-round, not just during the month of October.  Follow Historical Haunts Memphis on Facebook and check out their website here for a complete listing of their public experiences.

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