Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Hi, I’m Sam Brown

I am not originally from Memphis, but it certainly would’ve been cool if I was.

I have an undeniable adoration for my hometown, Jackson, Mississippi, however, after two astonishingly quick years, Grind City is feeling more like home each day. I am currently a junior at Rhodes College majoring in English and minoring in Business. I’m a lover of sports, food, music, movies and the outdoors. More specifically, I am a Grizzlies fan (of course) when it comes to NBA basketball. My favorite restaurant in Memphis is Abyssinia on Poplar, if you haven’t been I highly recommend going. My favorite genre of music is alternative/indie, and, yes, I am annoying about it. I’m an avid concert goer, having a pretty consistent streak at both Beale Street Music Festival and Mempho Music Fest, but also never shying away from smaller bands at smaller venues.

Let me give a little more back story about my “Pre-Memphis” days. I was born in North Carolina to a mother who went to Duke University and a father who went to UNC, so a passion for college basketball has been coursing through my veins since day one.  After some persistence from both sides, my infant self decided that I’d be a Duke fan, a decision my Dad has never quite forgiven me for. Nevertheless, my childhood quickly became very Duke basketball oriented, even after moving to Mississippi.

A love for watching basketball quickly translated into a love for playing basketball. Growing up, I spent hours in the gym practicing my dribbling, shooting, and everything else I needed to be successful. However, by the time high school came around, I began to realize that, due to a lack of size and athleticism, the end of my career was looming. After a high school career that consisted mainly of taking charges, the occasional corner three, and two shoulder surgeries, I decided (or it was decided for me) that it was time to move on. However, my love for basketball was pivotal in my college decision. I thought the chance to live in a city with an NBA franchise was an absolute privilege and reason enough to select Rhodes College for the next four years of my life. Since then, Memphis has offered so much more than I can imagine and I am thrilled to see what it will offer next.

Luckily, I have some interests other than basketball, the most significant being writing. Being raised by a mother who has taught English for years and published a series of young adult biographies, I didn’t have much of a choice when it came to an appreciation for the written word. In my free time, I’m either reading a book or scribbling something down.

When I got to college, I began writing more about the things that interested me, namely food, music, and sports— all things that Memphians hold in high esteem. My roommate and I went around the city discovering different restaurants and then wrote reviews on them for the school newspaper. Through writing Memphis food reviews, I found myself being more in the loop about what was happening in the city, and it was exciting. It made me realize that Memphis is an incredibly cool place with incredibly cool people doing incredibly cool things. And who is telling their stories? Well, then I discovered Choose901. After browsing the site, I found that these people were writing about exactly what I was interested in. Furthermore, they were giving voice to Memphians who were bringing forth real change in the community and impacting the culture of the city for the better. They had an internship program, so I applied, and here I am now, thrust into the world of journalism with the task of finding the best of Memphis and telling those stories. I, personally, cannot wait.

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