Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Hi, I’m Madison!

The best thing about this city is that if you love Memphis, it will love you back.

My name is Madison Provence, and I proudly claim the title “Memphian.” My parents moved our family to Memphis when I was 5 years old. I grew up in Memphis with five younger brothers and sisters, so it’s needless to say I am a well seasoned babysitter. 


I am currently a sophomore nursing student at the University of Memphis. I spend my days navigating the adventures of college and young adulthood, which means learning to park without getting my car towed, studying in one coffee shop after another, and lots of brainstorming sessions for projects (like the app company I’m co-founding, Flock United!). Seven months ago two of my classmates, Kevin Murphy and Lauren Crowe, and I competed in Start Co.’s 48-hour launch to transform an idea into a tangible business plan, and ended up coming in second place overall. Flock United is a ride-sharing app that provides safe and inexpensive transportation for college students, by college students while creating a sense of community on campus. 

When I’m not on campus or working out of the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship, I volunteer at Su Casa Family Ministries and Streets Ministries because I believe that engaging in my community for its benefit is the best way to show my love for Memphis and raise up leaders who feel the same way. It’s so hard to narrow it down, but my favorite places in Memphis are Shelby Farms Park, the Memphis ZooGibson’s Donuts, and Avenue Coffee.


I am passionate about nursing because I love people and I love to serve them. I hope to use the redemptive nature of nursing to serve communities here in Memphis as well as in countries around the world, and I’ve had the opportunity to plug into community development, practice making cross-cultural connections, and learn how to be a nurse in international contexts the past two summers in Belize and Uganda.


You can help make Memphis great by going all-in and investing your time, talents, and  passions right here, right now.

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