Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Hi, I’m Karsyn Laufenberg

People in Olive Branch, MS always claim that they’re a Memphian…I was not one of those people.

Hello fellow readers. It’s me, Karsyn Laufenberg. I am just a young college student who was born in Wisconsin, raised in Mississippi, but can finally consider Memphis my home. Since I have lived in Mississippi, I always had a strong attraction to Memphis. Wanted to explore? I went to Memphis. Wanted to eat at a locally owned restaurant? I went to Memphis. Bored and didn’t know what to do? Of course, I went to Memphis. The city was 8/10 the reason I decided to attend The University of Memphis in 2017.

Enough talk about Memphis for right now. You came to this particular blog to read about myself, right?

I have loved art from the moment I could hold a pencil. I was that annoying child who always asked for art supplies for Christmas even though I was far from good…sorry mom. Once high school rolled around, I tried out for AP Art which is what brought me here today. I am a creative mass media major with a minor in graphic design and marketing. Although I might not be the best at most mediums of art, my favorites are ceramics, digital, and photography.



All throughout high school, I was that overachiever who wanted to be constantly busy with multiple clubs and sports. Once one sport’s season was over, another one began. I can thank my swimming, track, and soccer careers for my jacked up shoulders and ankles. In college, I hung up my cleats and found my new sense of belonging in Tiger Elite and Pi Beta Phi. I am always either telling people about the university or at a greek philanthropy event. I’m a huge sci-fi and superhero nerd. If you know me, you’d know that I hysterically cried when Glenn died from the Walking Dead…RIP. If one thing could sum me up in one word it would be: hungry. I love all things food, and I am currently eating my way through the 901 in search of the best burger.

Choose901 has always been my main source of information if I ever wanted to know anything about Memphis, and it has been a dream of mine to get this internship. I can’t wait to share my love for this city with others!

Want to know more about my mediocre life? Follow me on Instagram @karsynjade. 


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