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Help Rob Ray of Belly Acres Get Cooking in New York City

Photo: Belly Acres
Photo: Belly Acres

Photo: Belly Acres

Chef Rob Ray of Belly Acres aims to get Memphis on the grid as he participates in the James Beard Foundation’s, “Better Burger Project,” that will send him to New York City.

The Better Burger Project, a contest focused on “who can make the best burger”, has Belly Acres cooking ground meat and thinly chopped mushrooms for an overall healthier burger.  “Mushroom State of Mind” is the burger they’re cooking up. You can get it now until July 31st and vote in the Instagram social media challenge.  Five chefs with the most photos uploaded on Instagram will be sent to New York City to cook at the James Beard House.

“Mushroom State of Mind” is much healthier and better for you.  It’s made with a mix of pickled Mississippi summer squash, fire-roasted red peppers, Tennessee Bibb lettuce, and ginger lime aioli.  The patty is made with a Tennessee button mushroom and 100% grass-fed beef burger.

How to vote:

  • Visit Belly Acres

  • Order the “Mushroom State of Mind” burger

  • Post your burger photo on Instagram

  • Hashtag #BetterBurgerProject

  • Tag the actual photo @robdangerray & @bellyacres901 (if you don’t tag the photo itself, the entry doesn’t count)

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Hit up Belly Acres between now and July 31st and put Memphis on the map in New York!

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