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Give Teachers the Resources to Succeed

Each year, Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) places educated, skilled teachers in under-resourced schools throughout Memphis. These individuals dedicated three years of teaching in Memphis to address inequities within education in Memphis.

These Memphis schools are lucky to have passionate, educated teachers at the forefront of the classroom. They are entering the school year intending to set up these children for success.

However, they need your HELP.

In Memphis, most of the resources needed for a well-rounded classroom are not in the budget.

This leaves class supplies to be purchased by the individual teachers.

You can help build these teachers’ classrooms by donating ANY amount. These donations will ensure the students in Memphis are receiving the best education. Help these teachers create the classroom they need to mold the minds of tomorrow.

There is no better investment you can make than in young minds.

Each week we will feature 5 teachers that are entering their first year of independent teaching placement. 

Meet our MEMPHIS teachers

Compass Community Schools 9th Grade

“I believe that an ELA classroom should be a safe, warm, welcoming environment for all students to learn and grow as they study the power of narratives and language. I want to create a space that allows students to thrive in this way. As a first year teacher, I am starting mostly from scratch. This money would allow me to build the foundation of the classroom environment I want to make.”

Treadwell Middle 6th Grade

“My mission is to provide an equitable language education to all my students. I am super excited to teach 6th grade ESL at Treadwell Middle School starting in August! This is the same school where I completed my residency! GO EAGLES! I want my students and their families to be represented with the resources around them and grow proud of their multicultural identities.” 

Soulsville Charter School 7th grade

“I believe that all students are worthy of educational experiences and opportunities that honor the equal value of their lives, for the purpose of enabling them to reach their full academic potential!”

High-school English 

“In our classroom, we will show compassion, be understanding, and feel safe like a community where all members belong.  While I do have some supplies from my few months of teaching, with your generous support, I will have the opportunity to have new supplies and materials that will help me create a safe community that students can notice and feel immediately.” 

Sherwood Elementary 1st grade

“All kids, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religion, gender, etc. deserve an education that is rigorous, intentional, and equitable. I believe that my 1st graders have the capacity to change the world & I want to provide them with opportunities that convince them of this truth.”

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