Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Healy + Don Lifted at Crosstown Arts

Photo: Don Lifted/Hit Healy

Sound meets vision at the convergence of these two local hip hop artists Thursday October 12.


This FREE concert will feature the genre-breaking sounds of Don Lifted and Healy at the intimate Crosstown Arts space. Doors open at 8:30 for an exploration into the works of 4 Memphis photographers, followed by the celebration of these two homegrown artists.

Don Lifted

Don Lifted, fresh off his new album Alero, reveals a depth of emotion and turmoil in every lyric. Alero wanders through the loss of self and the loss of love, the beauty and the pain of holding on, and finding yourself and your passions in uncertainty. The album explores sounds that reflect physical life and carries a message that is as honest as it optimistic.

Healy, the genre-killer, displayed his wit and talent in A Galaxy with Skin EP, but showcased his maturity as an artist in this summer’s album drop, Subluxe. The album opens with the light tones and chirping birds of Everything, courses through the nostalgia-painted intricacies of Youth, and releases energy as it mellows to the final track, Unwind. A Galaxy with Skin rolled in with 3.5 million listens within its first year and prompted a nation-breaking tour. Subluxe celebrated Healy’s homecoming as the artist’s first full album.

This concert is the culmination of a long awaited mashup. These two local celebrities have been carving out their unique sounds on tour and in the studio for the last two years, eagerly awaiting a big hometown show.

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