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Having Breakfast at Cafe Eclectic

One of my favorite memories growing up was Sunday mornings. My father worked in the car business and Sundays were his day off, and to celebrate, he usually cooked our whole family a giant Sunday breakfast.

I was always so excited when he invited me to assist him. Cooking Sunday breakfast with my dad became a weekly ritual and one of my most cherished times with him. Every now and then, my husband and I will skip church just to stay home and make breakfast together. I love that this has become something that we now do and hopefully will with our own children one day.

Breakfast in the Heard household was incomparable. Fluffy pancakes, cheesy scrambled eggs, extra crispy fried bacon… I can taste it now. His specialty was homemade white sausage gravy served out of a ceramic heirloom gravy boat. Growing up eating my dad’s homemade breakfast spoiled my taste buds. To find a breakfast that compares is not an easy feat.

table at Cafe EclecticWhen I moved to Memphis I heard nothing but great things about Cafe Eclectic. Everyone I know spoke very highly of their breakfast. Since I have such high expectations, I didn’t really think twice about Cafe Eclectic.

One morning, my husband and I decided to have a breakfast date together. This doesn’t happen often due to my high expectations. He suggested Cafe Eclectic because he loves a good chicken and waffles so we decided to try it out. When we arrived, the cafe was crowded and a bit smoky from the cooking, so I started to second guess it. When we sat down, our server was incredibly kind and recommended all of his favorites on the menu. On our table was a beautiful freshly cut peach color rose. Things were looking up from here. Sure enough, Joshua ordered chicken and waffles with a frothy cappuccino. I ordered the housemade ciabatta french toast with eggs, bacon and the very popular string potatoes. 

cafe eclectic french toastThe breakfast was everything that others said it would be. From the kind interactions with the staff to the fluffy cheesy eggs that rivaled my dad’s, I can truly say that Cafe Eclectic had a breakfast that exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that I loved their breakfast as much as I did. I look forward to the cooler fall weather to dine out on the lovely patio. I would highly recommend Cafe Eclectic and I will definitely make this spot one of my regulars.  

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