Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Hanging Out at Main Event Entertainment

The week has come, and in just a few days my mother will be coming to Memphis to visit me.

This is a big deal for more than one occasion. First, she’s coming to spend her 64th birthday with me. She and I were born just 30 years and 20 days apart, so we will always share the last number in our age. Secondly, she’s really never come to visit me at my home for as long as she is this time, and this will be my first time showing anyone around my new hometown of Memphis. Of course I plan on taking her to all the hot spots—which I’ll cover next week—but it should be interesting being on the other side of things now as a resident showing a guest around. Lastly, this coming weekend will mark a year that I’ve been a resident of Memphis. I drove 12 hours from Washington, DC to Memphis on July 1st last year, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been 365 days since I’ve left my hometown for my new home.

At any rate, I spent some time this weekend relaxing and going to Main Event. Main Event, although not a Memphis-specific place, is not something that we have back in the northeast. I had always seen it when traveling up and down the interstate, but had never stopped in. I went in and was blown away by the experience. They had bowling, laser tag, an arcade, a high ropes course, on top of a restaurant and bar. It really is a one-stop shop for family entertainment, and I could see how you could lose hours in there.


I was a bit disappointed with the laser tag experience though and my laser gun didn’t actually work for nearly half the game and there were seemingly too many folks in there to make it a competitive game, but I still had fun. I played a few arcade games, and the ticket collection system took me back to my youth as I exchanged them for a prizes in the Winner’s Circle.

I had a few drinks at the bar and a bit to eat, both of which were enjoyable as well. I would recommend Main Event if you’re looking to get away for an hour or two with the family. Perhaps it’ll be one of the places that I take my mom when she visits!

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