Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Hanging Out in Harbor Town

When I finalized the decision to move to Memphis, my job sent me to check out Harbor Town or Mud Island to look for a place to live. Instantly, I knew why they would highly suggest this area.

river inn entrance by khrystalSurely, it was because of the beauty in the architecture of the homes, the beauty in the view of the river, and the hidden, small town feel in a larger city. Walking around the super adorable neighborhood made me feel like I was walking around a staged setting in a Disney movie. The warm and vibrant colors of the buildings, the stretched out brick walls, and walking on cobblestone with the Mississippi River sunset in front of you is like a scene Frozen or Beauty and the Beast… it’s simply stunning.

Aside from the warming beauty of this charming neighborhood, there are plenty of things to do and small businesses to check out. I made sure that if I was going to hang out at Harbor Town for a couple hours, I had to check out the roof top restaurant/cocktail bar called Terrace at the River Inn… and it had to be around sunset because why wouldn’t you enjoy happy hour while enjoying the sunset on the Mississippi River? I got to enjoy a pomegranate and cranberry martini with my seared scallop dinner and a spectacular view of the Mississippi River at sunset. Because it was 76 degrees in the middle of February, all of their wall-sized windows were open to truly bring out the roof-top bar ambiance. I was privileged to enjoy my delicious meal with one of the best views that Memphis has to offer. Aside from the view, the food and drinks were delicious and if I lived in Harbor Town, this would be somewhere I would be at a few times a week.

Even though Harbor Town is right near downtown Memphis, it’s fairly secluded from the city environment. That’s probably a good thing because hidden in the center of the neighborhood are shops and small businesses. There are other restaurants to check out but they also have a nail shop called Nail Bar and a grocery store. There’s also a dog training business that I can only assume that many residents have dogs because why wouldn’t you have a dog to walk around in this super cute neighborhood? There’s a café called Café Eclectic with outdoor seating in a shaded area, where it clearly will benefit everyone during the long, Memphis heat.

Obviously, contemplating about moving to Harbor Town kept coming up as I sipped my martini and ate my perfectly seared scallops. Coming from California with the excessively high and ridiculous gap of cost of living to Memphis, residing in Harbor Town is quite affordable especially for what is offered. I understand that compared to the rest of Memphis, it’s not but the quality of the homes, the location, the view, and the small town feel, it’s clear why this place is so popular for new Memphians.


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