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Seed Library Launches in Memphis

Grow Memphis and the Tennessee Extension Master Gardener Program are joining forces to initiate the Grow Memphis Seed Library at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library.

This program will offer people an opportunity to experience local agriculture. Library customers can check out fruit, vegetable, and flower seeds totally for free!

Memphis Seed Library

Photo: Grow Memphis

Customers can get access to seeds easily. Simply sign a logbook noting what seeds you borrow and after you harvest your crop, return more seeds to the seed library so other customers can have seeds of their own. Note: The seeds cannot be GMO or hybrid seeds donations.

“Certain areas of Memphis have been referred to as ‘food deserts’ where fresh produce is not readily available, but the Grow Memphis Seed Library is a free and easily-accessible resource for customers to get and grow their own produce – perhaps in flower pots or their own backyards. The seed library will also encourage Memphians to grow their own food and eat healthier by giving them access to seeds at no cost.” – Jessie Marshall, Business and Sciences Department manager

In addition to the seed library, you can also learn from master gardeners each week who will answer customer questions and host Explore Memphis 2016.

“This is an amazing resource for all Memphians to enjoy. Our goal is to educate the community about farming and the benefits of healthy eating. Master gardeners will teach the skills customers need to improve their diets right there at home.” – Jessie Marshall, Business and Sciences Department manager

More resources will be available to assist you in growing your own garden. Alongside the master gardeners and free seeds, you can get books about farming and cookbooks too. The Grow Memphis Seed Library has everything you need to become engaged with urban agriculture.

“Our objective each day when we open the doors of Memphis Public Libraries is to help customers ‘connect, learn, and grow.’ New programs like the Grow Memphis Seed Library encompass all three of these goals, and the impact is immeasurable. Customers will be equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to become producers, instead of solely consumers. Also, there are no limitations based on socioeconomic status. Whether customers are seeking a new hobby or an essential food source, everyone is welcome, and there is no price tag involved. We are very excited about this project and the opportunity for Memphis Public Libraries to branch out in new and exciting ways.” – Director of Libraries Keenon McCloy

Check out the Explore Memphis 2016 schedule here.

Find out more about the Grow Memphis Seed Library here.

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