Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Grizz Essentials Gear

Grizz Essentials Gear

Grizz Essentials is a monthly subscription based company that will deliver Grizz gear to your doorstep each month. Starting at $34.99 per month, you can start getting your new Grizzlies goods each month!

Each box will come with several items to show your love for the Memphis Grizzlies. This first box has:

  • Artwork by Adam Exelbierd: A unique piece of art created by Exelbierd who has made limited edition artwork. Each design is numbered and signed by him. Go here to see Adam’s artwork.
  • Memphicity T-Shirt:  Go here to see all their designs.
  • Grizz Themed Desktop Wallpaper: QR code for a desktop/phone background wallpaper image download. 
  • Collectible Pins by Skippy Dog Designs. An assortment of three pins made by Skippy Dog Designs. Go here to see their pins.
  • Growl Towel by Memphicity Design. It’s a growl towel, need anything more be said? Go here to see other goods like this.

All the items are carefully selected for Grizz lovers, so that you get what Grizzlies’ fans really want.

Go here to start your subscription or send a gift!