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Choose901, cityCurrent, New Memphis, Leadership Memphis, SchoolSeed, Volunteer Odyssey, GiVE 365, and are partnering to encourage a community-wide day of giving—Memphis-style! We, along with many other nonprofits around the world, are participating in a global philanthropic movement called Giving Tuesday. The idea behind Giving Tuesday is simple: kick off the holiday season in a spirit of generosity that unites communities and supports non-profits! Memphis is all heart—in fact, we are the third most generous city in the nation, so Giving Tuesday is a wonderful time to show off that generosity. On November 28th, take the opportunity to participate in Grit. Grind. Give., the local answer to Giving Tuesday, and support Memphis non-profits that pour so much love into our city. To participate, just choose a worthy Memphis nonprofit to support with a financial gift, or by pledging to volunteer. Be a part of the generosity that shapes our city and can make a difference in our future.

How To Be Involved

For Givers:

Pick a worthy nonprofit to donate to.
Make a gift to one (or more!) of your favorite organizations, or use this as an opportunity to explore and support the mission of a new nonprofit. You can go directly to the website of your chosen nonprofit to give on November 28th. If you’d like to research nonprofits in the Greater Memphis area, you can start at Use the list of organizations, or search by local issue. If you’re interested in making a gift to impact an area school, SchoolSeed is a good resource. Wherever you choose to give, any gift of any size is greatly appreciated.

Grit. Grind. Give Time
One hour of volunteer time equates to $22 dollars worth of economic impact on our community. If you are an individual interested in volunteering time to a specific nonprofit or getting connected with a nonprofit to volunteer with, visit Volunteer Odyssey to find opportunities that fit your schedule or interests. If you are looking to volunteer as part of a group, you can visit Volunteer Memphis to browse group opportunities around the city.

Unite with others to make a collective impact.
Donate on Giving Tuesday, participate all year! Join GiVE 365, a unique dollar-a-day giving experience that lets you pool your contribution with other members’ and decide together which organizations you want to receive the money. You can be part of a grant review team, attend fun philanthropy events, and cast your vote to grant tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Post an “UNselfie”
Hashtag it #UNselfie, #gritgrindgive, #GivingTuesday and get the word out there! Download this Grit. Grind. Give. UNselfie sign template, and help spread the message on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Want ideas for what to say? Check out these social media samples.

For Nonprofits

Join the Party!
Use our logos in your social media and email appeals to let your supporters know you are participating. Click here to download the graphics pack.

Announce Your Participation
Let your audience know that you are participating in Grit. Grind. Give. this year so they can plan for it. Click here for national communications toolkits including sample tweets and posts. Don’t forget the local flavor—use our hashtag #gritgrindgive so we can track our reach!

Make it Easy to Give
Make sure your donation buttons/pages and volunteer sign-ups are easy to find on your website. If you have a specific volunteer opportunity you would like people to commit to, consider becoming a partner organization with Volunteer Memphis.

Be a Social Media Supporter

Like and Share posts about Grit. Grind. Give. to let your audience know you are a part of the campaign.

For Businesses

Are you a corporation, small business, restaurant, or retailer wanting to get involved in Memphis’s Giving Tuesday, “Grit. Grind. Give.”? Awesome! Here’s a few ideas how you can engage in the day and help a worthy local nonprofit.

For Corporations or Large Businesses:

  1. Consider making your end of the year charitable gifts on Giving Tuesday (11/28) to celebrate the day and help us surpass last year’s giving total of $220K in one day giving. Don’t forget to post on your social media channels and hashtag us at #gritgrindgive!
  2. Consider issuing a matching challenge a nonprofit to double giving efforts.
  3. Promote individual employee giving on 11/28 in your internal communications. Click here to access our corporate toolkit

For Small Businesses, Restaurants, and Retailers:

  1. Consider donating a portion of your proceeds on Giving Tuesday to a worthy local nonprofit of your choosing.
  2. Hang this sign in your window and/or post it on your cashier counter/host station to let your customers know you are a Grit Grind Give Participating Business and who you are giving to.
  3. Consider partnering with a nonprofit to promote shopping or dining with you on Small Business Saturday and in turn donating a portion of the proceeds back to them on Giving Tuesday.
  4. Promote your participation on Social Media! Here’s the graphics pack for businesses and here is some easy sample language for you to use in your social posts.
  5. Use the short form below to tell us about your Giving Tuesday plan.

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Got Questions?

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