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Be a Grit. Grind. Giver.

Photo: Noah Glenn

On October 27, several nonprofit leaders got together at The Brooks Museum to execute a secret mission — to paint the first-ever batch of 901Rocks to celebrate Grit. Grind. Give., a Memphis-based #GivingTuesday initiative.

Grit Grind Give on Giving TuesdayTogether, the group created 100 nonprofit rocks that are now hidden around the city, and only the lucky, dedicated few will find them. Once they do, the hope is that they give to the nonprofit featured on the rock on #GivingTuesday, which falls on November 29 this year. 

901Rocks for Giving Tuesday

Photo: Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence

So, why are y’all painting rocks?

The only way you don’t know about 901Rocks is if you’ve been living under one. 901Rocks is a community-wide art project dedicated to spreading joy through the power of painted rocks that are hidden around town for people to find. Lisa Dawson and Amy McSpadden founded this positive, fun, Memphis-made movement, and it is sweeping the city, which made it a perfect partner for another Memphis-made movement.

Founded by Jaclyn Suffel of the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence, Grit. Grind. Give. is the Memphis #GivingTuesday campaign. The idea behind #GivingTuesday is simple: flood the world with generosity by donating to a nonprofit on November 29. #GivingTuesday takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a direct response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Instead of consumerism and commercialism, #GivingTuesday encourages philanthropic giving during the holiday season.

Memphis likes to put a local spin on just about everything, so Grit. Grind. Give. was born in 2015, just three years after #GivingTuesday was founded. The Alliance, in partnership with The City of Memphis, JustMyMemphis, cityCurrent, New Memphis, Leadership Memphis, Choose901, 901Rocks, Volunteer Odyssey, and the Association for Fundraising Professionals, is hoping to inspire a community-wide day of giving back. Memphis is all heart. In fact, we are the third most generous city in the nation. We recently lost the No. 2 spot to Lexington, Kentucky (because apparently Kentucky likes to steal things from us), and we want to win it back. That is where the nonprofit rocks come in.

“Memphis is known as the third-largest giving city in the nation. 901Rocks! is a community-building arts movement designed on the spirit of selfless giving. We are excited by the opportunity to partner with the Grit. Grind. Give. campaign to support local nonprofits who work to make a Memphis a better place, and if we could beat Kentucky while we are at it, that’s a win-win.” —Amy McSpadden, 901Rocks

901Rocks for Giving Tuesday

Photo: Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence

Nonprofit Rocks: Find a Rock, Give to a Nonprofit on #GivingTuesday.

There are 100 rocks lovingly crafted by hard-working nonprofit professionals who hid them around the city. You’ll know when you find a nonprofit rock because each has a nonprofit logo or name on the front and a Grit. Grind. Give. QR code on the back. Yes, these rocks are exclusive, but they aren’t collectors’ items. They are meant to be re-hidden so that others will find them and consider donating to Memphis-area nonprofits, too.

Here is what you do with a nonprofit rock if you find one:

  1. Look up the organization on the rock and fall in love with it because it is amazing.
  2. Consider giving to it or pledging to volunteer on #GivingTuesday (11.29.16). Learn more about how to be a Grit. Grind. Giver.
  3. Share your rock find on social media with the hashtags #GritGrindGive and #901Rocks and post a photo of it in the 901 Rocks Facebook Group.
  4. Re-hide the rock so others can learn about the nonprofit as well!

It’s our hope that this engages a whole new set of nonprofit supporters and taps into the great big heart that Memphis has for giving back. We want to spread the word about Grit. Grind. Give. as far as our little painted rocks will take us. After all, it just takes one pebble to create a large ripple effect. We hope ours inspires generosity and joy.

For more info on the Grit. Grind. Give campaign and #GivingTuesday go here.

Help share this message by joining the #GivingTuesday Thunderclap here.

This guest post was provided by Jaclyn Suffel with the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence.

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