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The Plan for the Parks: Memphis Greenspace Looks Ahead

Memphis Greenspace, the nonprofit that owns Memphis Park and Health Sciences Park, is ready to move forward with programming and upgrades to make both spaces more welcoming and useful assets for the City.

Memphis Greenspace president Van Turner called the removal of Confederate statues from the parks “a significant and critical first step” in reinventing the parks to be beneficial for the community as a whole, and says that they’re now focused on the possibilities for activation for the spring.

Some cosmetic and infrastructural improvements like adding seating, cleaning walkways, and incorporating more public art and attractive wayfinding signage are first on the agenda.

With the support of partner organizations Downtown Memphis Commission, Memphis Medical District Collaborative, and The Fourth Bluff— an initiative of the Kresge Foundation, Memphis Greenspace wants to use programming to activate the parks in ways that are both recreational and community mobilizing.

There’s already a spring music series and weekly meditative arts programming—including yoga and Tai Chi— on the way for Health Sciences Park and Memphis Park beginning in March, courtesy of the Downtown Memphis Commission.

Memphis Greenspace is adamant about leaning into public involvement in shaping the future of the parks, welcoming “financial support, community advocacy, and neighborhood investment.”

If you want to contribute to the vision for Memphis Park and Health Sciences Park, you’re invited you to share suggestions and feedback via the comment page of Memphis Greenspace’s website.


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