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The Grand Tasting at Vintage901

I’ve been out of the country a handful of times to Asia and to Europe, and South America is definitely on my list next! It’s always been an unforgettable experience, but sometimes it’s nice when the foreign countries come to you and you can avoid the hours of traveling. We were offered that opportunity when we found out about an event called Vintage901 that was held this past weekend! 

This was the second year for Vintage901, which is a three-day festival that holds various events at different locations throughout the weekend. My girlfriend and I were only able to make it to the Grand Tasting that was hosted on Friday at Crosstown Concourse in the Crosstown Arts gallery, and when you’re offering me unlimited anything, I’m always game. I’m not particularly a big wine connoisseur, but I’ll drink just about anything if I’m being totally honest. The main draw was that there would be over seventy wines offered from eight different countries! It was a great opportunity to be exposed to all of the different kinds of wine that I like and ones not so much. 

They gave everyone a wine glass with the event logo stamped on to it, which was our ticket for the unlimited samples of wine. For the most part, I went around to every booth asking about their wine, and while they poured a small amount into my glass I would nod and act as if I knew what they were talking about. My favorite was a Cabernet from Italy. Honestly very disappointed I forgot the name, but I do remember my least favorite was a locally made Tennessee wine that had some cajun spices in it. If anything that night, I learned that spiciness and wine do NOT go together.

Other than the wine to entertain us, we had local restaurants serving up small hors d’oeuvres showcasing their specialties and local vendors and breweries adding to the community facet for the night. There was even a band to provide music and something to groove to if you got enough wine in your system to want to dance.

We had a great time during the Grand Tasting and were glad we could have a good time and help an amazing cause. We were able to experience different kinds of wine from all over the world right in our backyard and see what kind of cool events can go on in the Crosstown Concourse! I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for any new events going on in that venue cause it’s just so damn cool. Who knows, with an expiring lease I might even take a look at those apartments up above…

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