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Graceland & Civil Rights Museum: Best Iconic Attractions

graceland national civil rights museum listed in top 10 attractions by usa today

Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum make USA Today’s Top 10 Best Iconic American Attractions:


#1 on the List of Attractions: Graceland

The name is synonymous with Memphis and with rock ‘n’ roll. But for the shy young man who bought this house to give his family privacy in the wake of his meteoric rise to stardom, Graceland was only one thing: home. From the moment one steps on the 13-acre estate, it’s obvious that Graceland equaled love and sanctuary for Elvis. 600,000-plus people visit Graceland annually – only the White House draws more visitors.

#3 on the List of Attractions: National Civil Rights Museum

#3 on the List of Attractions: National Civil Rights Museum


Part sacred ground, and part in-your-face challenge to your personal concept of equality, the museum’s focal point is the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down in April 1968. Vivid exhibits chronicle the assassination of King and the hunt for his killer, explore the faces and places that defined the American civil rights movement and examine the continuing fight around the world for universal equality.

See the full list here. Thank you to those who voted and congrats to all the other attractions who made the list!


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