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Gotta Get Up to Get Down at Wiseacre

I know most of you reading these blogs are in my same shoes. Work the same forty(or more) hour weeks and long for the weekend from Monday to Friday. Once Friday rolls around you need a good way to relieve the stress from the week and enjoy yourself and get down, and what better way to do that other than grabbing an ice cold beer off the tap from the same place that it’s brewed.

I love me some breweries. I also love me some local brews, so this past Friday, after a long week, I gave my buddy, Justin, a call and told him to meet me out at Wiseacre. Wiseacre is a mainstay of the Memphis lifestyle and is one of the better known breweries that are located here in our hometown. They’ve been around since 2013 and have been wowing the Memphis crowd with their unique style of brewing and honestly, just some great tasting beer.

You can find their beer at any grocery store or gas station around town, but if you want the full experience it’s worth going to check our their brewery and tap room located on Broad Avenue. Their brewery is a really cool and simple layout that’s built around two huge concrete silos that really add well to the vibe. The inside is inviting and open with posters of their beer can designs plastered on the walls which are so elaborate and cool looking. They even sell posters of their beer can designs so you can rep your favorite beer in your own home! The staff is attentive and is more than happy to serve you up a pint of greatness behind their far reaching bar, so never be intimidated by the long lines you might see.

What I can really appreciate is the fact that they’re always trying to switch it up and experiment with new beer. Although their mainstays are constantly on tap, whenever they come up with a new one you can almost guarantee that it will be in the rotation. Even if it’s not on tap, you can most definitely bring home a can or bottle of it home with you! My favorite beer by far is the coffee stout called “Gotta Get Up to Get Down.” I do drink coffee everyday so it only make sense! Their other great beers are “Tiny Bomb” if you’re in the mood for something light or “Ananda” if you’re in the mood for an IPA. Whatever your taste, you’re guaranteed to find a beer that suits you.

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