Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

GoApe at Shelby Farms Park

In 14 cities in 13 states across the nation, people are swinging from trees, zip lining across landscapes, and freely climbing with only a harness to keep them in the air in the Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course. Memphis is one of those lucky cities.

If you’ve been to Shelby Farms Park within the past year, you may have noticed people scaling Go Ape’s intricate set-up of platforms, ropes, and nets with multiple zip lines hovering across Pine Lake. You may have even thought, “WHAT IN THE WORLD THAT LOOKS SO DANGEROUS I WOULD NEVER IN MY LIFE–” or something along those lines. However, rest assured the entire course is extremely safe, secured by harnesses, pulleys, carabiners, and a detailed training session on how to properly use the equipment before ever stepping foot off of the ground. Throughout the course, trained instructors will be on the ground ready to assist or answer any questions at each station.

It’s one thing to read about and observe an adventure course, but it’s an entirely different thing to experience it, so, naturally, Choose901 had to give it a swing.

Check out the video below to see more:

How to Go Ape at Shelby Farms Park:

There are two courses to choose from:

The Treetop Adventure (shown above):

  • 36ft high
  • 40 obstacles
  • 624 ft zip line

The Treetop Journey (shown here):

  • 26ft
  • 25 obstacles
  • 190ft long zipline

How to Book:

Go to Go Ape’s website here and book your appointment before heading to the course.

  • Age Requirement:
    • Treetop Adventure: Minimum age 10
    • No age requirement for Treeptop Journey
  • Prices:
    • Adventure: $38 plus tax for children ages 10-15 (children must be supervised by an adult; one adult per 2 children max); $58 plus tax for ages 16+
    • Journey: $29.95 for all ages
  • Course requirements:
    • Adventure: Minimum height of 4’7″ and maximum weight of 285 lbs
    • Journey: Minimum height of 3’3″ and maximum weight of 285 lbs
  • Approximate course length:
    • Allow 2-3 hours for Treetop Adventure
    • Allow one hour for Treetop Journey

***Times and dates for operation are weather dependent.

If you have the opportunity to, I highly encourage you to Go Ape. Grab your friends, your family, your neighbors, grab everyone.

Find out more on Shelby Farms Park’s website here.

Check out Go Ape’s national website here.

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