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GiVE 365 Grant Applications

The Community Foundation of Greater Memphis’ GiVE 365 donation program is starting up again in 2015. They are now taking in applications for grants from not for profit organizations within the Memphis area. Applications must follow their theme for this year– “And now for something completely different: small grants to support new projects or programs that add value to the community and have a likelihood of success.”

These grants are typically between $2,000 and $10,000, and in 2014 they awarded $62,600 in grants to local partnerships who helped the community tackle problems. This year groups who are of importance to the community and are capable of thriving will inherit the gratuity. The grants can only be given to 501(c)(3) organizations (non-profit); undoubtedly, there are countless organizations within Memphis who will be deserving of this endowment. However, each organization that applies will be reviewed by teams consisting of GiVE 365 members.

GiVE 365 started in 2010 to gather local philanthropists together to pool their collective capital to create a bigger influence on the Memphis community. Each member gives the $365 a year, and decides on the theme and who to should receive the funds. Since its founding, GiVE 365 has gained over 25o generous members who have dedicated their time and resources to wonderful causes. Within the past 5 years, these members have donated almost $288,000. The endowment for GiVE 365 has also grown to nearly $400,000.

Grant applications will be due February 10th, online here.

On April 21st, members will hear from the finalists. On May 1st, the member voting will close, and on May 12th, the grant award winners will be announced.

If you want to join GiVE 365, then go here.

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