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GIRLfacturing: How It’s Made

Photo: Hey Girl! Online

This spring break the “staycation” has just gotten a lot more exciting for teen girls.

Photo by: Hey Girl! Online

Photo by: Hey Girl! Online

On March 13-16, GIRL24 has partnered with local businesses to bring a unique experience for 90 lucky high school girls. This experience will give the young women personal tours with the company along with an opportunity for them to create projects or get to witness what these businesses do everyday. Some of these companies include Sun Studio, Dave’s Bagels, the Renaissance Group, Buff City Soap, Carrier Corporation and French Truck Coffee.

For the past couple years one of GIRL24’s missions has been to train young teen women into finding their voice and developing who they are in order to help them become the great leaders they are capable of being. “We wanted to expand the opportunity to girls – and women – during a full blown week of non-stop inspiration, exploring “how it’s made,” says Erika Cain, GIRL24. An opportunity like this will give girls a chance to build their resume with experience before they have graduated high school.

“Seeing a visual or experiencing how company brands create and sale, manufacture and distribute, allows girls the opportunity to get a head start as our next generation of gifted problem solvers using innovation approaches they learn from up close and personal behind-the-brand experiences.” -Erika Cain, GIRL 24

GIRLfacturing: How It’s Made is something that GIRL24 plans to continue doing during spring break and/or other breaks of the year in order to give young girls more opportunities like these. They hope to partner with a variety of different businesses to make the program grow more for these young women.

For more information on each day’s events for GirlFacturing: How It’s Made, go here.

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