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Getting Salty in Memphis

More often than not, people do not like going to the doctor’s office, myself included. I’ve been using alternative medicines and holistic remedies for years, and with their rise in popularity in recent years I’ve been able to find resources more readily available. Here in Memphis there are several different outlets to try; chiropractic, acupuncture, various herb shops. But despite my affinity for alternative remedies, there is one method I’ve never tried. I decided  to check out The Salt Caves at Better Bodies Yoga.

Photo: The Salt Caves at Better Bodies Yoga

“Everyone I know who lives in Memphis suffers from sinus headaches, and since halotherapy helped relieve so many of my own personal issues, I wanted to pass this gift on to our community so they too could receive the benefits” says Karen Moss owner and instructor at Better Bodies Yoga. Karen says she has had several surgeries and medications because of her severe allergies, migraines and sinus problems. “I also have an immune skin condition and began looking for non-invasive ways and/or alternative modalities to manage all of my issues and to avoid further surgeries.” She says her symptoms have minimized since regularly using halotherapy.

Salt beds are used for maximum salt exposure. photo: The Salt Caves at Better Bodies Yoga.

Halotherapy is the process of breaking down himalayan rock salt into breathable particles. This creates an allergen free area that is ideal for salt therapy. Salt caves are commonly used for detoxing the respiratory system but they have several more benefits. Michelle Warzeck who works at the salt caves says “A lot of people are really interested in it because it has so many benefits. Anything from sleeping problems to allergies and sinus infections. Even acne.” Yes, please.

I started my salt treatment by arriving 20 minutes early. Michelle added “I would say come in 10 to 15 minutes before because we start it on the nose. Even if you’re just a minute or two late and we have that started, I’m sorry you can’t get in.” If being confined to one room makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the best option for you because once the session starts no one is allowed in or out. Personally, I was a bit hesitant to the idea of not being able to leave, but once I got comfortable and the session began, I didn’t want to. The zero gravity chairs made me feel like I was floating and the music playing really helped me relax. (Probably relax a bit too much because I fell asleep for about ten minutes). To my relief when I woke up, the light congestion from my allergies seemed to be gone and I was taking deeper breaths- something I haven’t been able to do because of my allergies.

For me, it was a win. I got to relax for about 45 minutes and my light congestion is gone. If you are like me, along with countless others, and you’re tired of your allergies, give The Salt Caves at Better Bodies Yoga a try.

You can find more on their site here or call 901-618-2878. 

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