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Get Your Spooky Thrills at a Paranormal Pop-Up Coming to Evergreen Theatre

The folks who brought Memphis the enchanting immersive experience Rites of Spring at Ashlar Hall are about to drop another banger for the spooky season.

Lost in Found has announced a new Halloween-themed production that will take place at the historic Evergreen Theatre in October. Their paranormal pop-up The Parting will employ full-scale art installations and creative uses of lighting, sound, and technology to transport you to another realm where your cravings for funky frights will be fulfilled—complete with a bar & lounge where you can try to calm your nerves before and after the show.

Rites of Spring at Ashlar Hall introduced us to lovely playful fairies, and your supernatural guides for The Parting wanna play, toowith the rights to your soul. The “macabre and menacing” bunch will lead you on a journey into the depths of the Evergreen Theatre where each room will hold a different sinister tale. And if you know anything about theatres, they almost always have their own ghosts and accompanying lore and things get creepy AF when the lights go out. The Lost in Found team is playing off that eerie energy to bring you a fresh adventure:

During The Parting, audiences will be transported into a storyline involving history and superstitions of Evergreen Theatre, and the wicked that lurks below it. The plotline begins when the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 occurred, and a mysterious sinkhole appeared at 1705 Poplar Avenue in Memphis. Reports of apparitions and strange creatures lurking in the area pre-date any human structure. The Ritz Theatre that was built over the sinkhole in 1927 brought the escape of the movies, but the glitz and glamour would quickly turn sinister. Experience the theatre in its different developments throughout the last century and be prepared for the culminating phenomenon at the end.

The Parting will run October 11-12 and October 16-19. Performances begin at 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM, and 10:00 PM each day. The experience is rated appropriate for ages 16 and up. Patrons 21 and older are welcome to partake in the bar/lounge situation where there will be live entertainment after the tour. Tickets are $30 and if you wanna dance with the devil, don’t dawdle. Their last production sold out.


Learn more about Lost in Found at lostinfound901.comKeep up with Lost in Found, including The Parting announcements, on Facebook and Instagram. Purchase tickets to The Parting on Eventbrite

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