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Get Tickets Now: Creative Works Conference 2019

The 6th annual Creative Works Conference is set for October 3-5 at the Halloran Center. It’s three days of networking, refining your skills and hearing from some of the most inspiring folks in the worldwide creative community. The conference features mainstage talks, hands-on workshops, and a specially curated vendors market that’s open to the public.

Who’s Gonna Be There This Year?

Photo: J. Louis Tucker

Speakers & Instructors:

David Carson, Graphic Designer
Lisa Congdon, Artist, Illustrator, Hand Letterer & Author
Ty Mattson, Principal, Creative Director at Mattson Creative
Mina Markham, Senior Engineer at Slack
Adé Hogue, Art Director, Designer & Letterer
Tina Essmaker, Coach, Writer & Speaker
Adam Garcia, Artist, Designer & Creative Director
Maggie Enterrios, Illustrator
Ignaciao Osorio & Sarah-Grace Mankarious, CNN Digitial
Dan Janssen, Lincoln Design Co.
Alicja Colon, Paper Illustrator & Photographer
Rogie King, Senior Product Designer at Dribbble
Christen Carter, Busy Beaver Button Co.
Amélie Lamont, Designer, Writer & Speaker
Thomas Wimberly, Graphic Designer at Studio Number One
Indhira Rojas, Founder & Creative Director at Anxy Magazine
Becky Simpson, Designer & Illustrator
Scotty Russell, Illustrator & Podcaster
Tyler Deeb, Owner/Operator at Misc. Goods Co.
Kayla Fritz & Hannah Epelbaum, Partners at Good Snake
Titus Smith, Senior Designer at ESPN
Michael Carpenter, Founder, Creative Director at Loaded for Bear
Kyle Key, CEO at Keymaster Games
Josh Horton, Founder, Creative Works



Photo: J. Louis Tucker

Hands-On Sessions

Conference attendees get to choose one hands-on session per day. Workshops are $99 each.



Photo: J. Louis Tucker

The Market

The Creative Works Market is for everyone! Even if you don’t attend the conference you should make plans to check out their market of special curated vendors. Shop apparel, prints, and handmade goods from 36 designers, makers, manufacturers and brands from around the country including some Memphis favorites: Funlola Coker, Paper & Clay, Question the Answer, Pretty Useful Co, and Sarah Day ArtsThe market is open Friday & Saturday, Oct. 4 & 5 from 10a – 6p.

Tickets for the Creative Works Conference are $399 or $199 with a Student ID. Register at Does your place of employment offer a professional development stipend? Need help convincing your boss to get your ticket? Read this.

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