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Get Ready For Memphis Black Restaurant Week 2018

Photo by Wiley Brown, Kiss My Grits and Muddy Mac & Cheese at the Underground Cafe

Featured photo by Wiley Brown, Kiss My Grits and Muddy Mac & Cheese at the Underground Cafe

Memphis Black Restaurant Week returns this year during the week of March 5th through March 11th.

Al B. Green Pizza at Slice of Soul

Photo by Wiley Brown, Al B. Green Pizza at Slice of Soul

There will be a  total of 12 participating restaurants (5 of which are newcomers that have been open less than one year.)

Featured restaurants include:

See all the menus here.

Sweet Potato Brownie at HM Dessert Lounge

Photo by Wiley Brown, Sweet Potato Brownie at HM Dessert Lounge

“We are so excited about the buzz around this celebration of our city’s diversity. This is another way to show how proud we are of our city and all it has to offer while truly making a difference for these businesses,” said Cynthia Daniels, creator of Memphis Black Restaurant Week.

Guests will be able to enjoy two-course lunches at various eateries for $15.00 and three-course dinners for $25.00.

cynthia daniels

Cynthia Daniels at the Underground Café. Photo by Wiley Brown.

“Over the past two years, a total of 22 restaurants were featured, bringing in a total of $260,000 in weekly sales and created 90 jobs. The City of Memphis – Office of Business Diversity & Compliance serves as the Title Sponsor of MBRW and will be working with restaurateurs to provide employment resources and training as we prepare for our largest week to date,” said Daniels.

MBRW aims to counter economic disparity with fun and interactive solutions that engage, excite and ignite a deeper understanding and love of Memphis food culture while encouraging agency in the future of the city. The millennial led effort provides minority owned restaurants with marketing opportunities that are otherwise cost restrictive with a goal promoting Memphis food tourism and multi-cultural engagement.

Don’t miss Soulful Food Truck Sunday that marks the end of MBRW on March 11th. This will be a family-friendly event with food truck vendors, live music, and more. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children. Get tickets here. (This year you can also save your receipts from MBRW and get free admission into Soulful Food Truck Sunday.)

Join the event page here for updates.

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