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Get Involved: Join GiVE365

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Over the past few months, we’ve shared some of the stories of what makes GiVE 365 so special. GiVE 365 members give a dollar a day to pool their money and make grants to nonprofits in our community. By giving collectively, members can often make a far greater impact together than they could on their own. Just last year, GiVErs gave almost $89,000 to 12 organizations – from the Levitt Shell to Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services to Southern College of Optometry.

The giving circle is a great way for people to learn about community issues and organizations in Memphis. You have the opportunity to meet nonprofit leaders and hear about how they’re working to solve some of our city’s problems. Events like Brown Bag Lunches and Grantee Speed Dating help you get to know some of the organizations – large and small – that are doing great things in our community.

Every year, GiVE 365 members vote on a theme to guide their grant making. This year’s them is Collaboration for Change: partnerships that support creative problem-solving in the community. Grants will go to groups of two or more organizations working together to make a positive impact in the Memphis area.

This is a perfect time to join GiVE 365 and get to be a part of an awesome grant making process! GiVERs have until July 7 to sign up for grant review committees, if they want to help research the organizations that apply. On Aug. 18, the membership will hear three-minute presentations from the finalists – and then will get to vote for their favorites. On Sept. 11, we’ll announce this year’s grant award winners at a fantastic event.

GiVE 365 is a diverse group of people, from theirs 20s to their 70s, single and married, from all over town. There are monthly events for members that range from meeting up at a local bar to volunteering with your kids at one of the grantees. The common thread is wanting to learn and do more to make our area flourish.

Check out and join today. Members can be as involved as they’d like. Be a part of a fun, fresh, and rewarding philanthropic experience. GiVE 365 lets you meet other people who care about our city, learn more about the nonprofits doing great work here, and give together to help them thrive.


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